Castiel is bound to earth, his wings clipped and memory blanked. Thought dead by the Winchester Brothers his only hope to find refuge is through a fan of the Supernatural books and her Best Friend who was in for the journey.


2. Supernaturalist


I can't believe it. Castiel is in my house! I never thought this day would come but I handled it pretty well, he seems to know nothing, has he lost his grace... No, he knocked out Han before so what is it. I gasped as I realised its like what happened when he walked into the dam while possessed by a leviathan and then woke up the next day memory blanked. I've got to say I handled myself much better then expected. Maybe I should take advantage of him... God, no.

"Where did that come from Kalel" I whispered to myself

I heard a knock at the door and yelled come in. Castiel came in looking bewildered

"What is it?" I asked

"I know who I am" he slowly replied

"So what now?" I questioned

"I tried teleporting to them but I'm low on power so as Dean would say it, it's time for a road trip... Bitch"

I giggled to myself and had to reply with


Cas didn't seem to get it so while we packed the car he constantly said sorry for swearing at me. We finished an hour later and I called Cas over to find out where we were going. Turns out I was in for a 16 hour drive to Texas so Castiel could find Sam and Dean.

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