Uni Students

Harry, Mason, Connor and Louis are going to the university Oxford..
They are planning on studing Economy..
Connor and Mason are best friends but Harry and Louis don't know each other..
And they lay together in one room.. Soon Louis and Harry become good friends, best friends..
Otherwise with Niall, Liam and Zayn..
Are studing English..
Niall and Liam are best friends from kindergarden.
And Zayn don't knows them.. Liam knows Zayn is having a thing for Niall but he's not happy with that. Liam gets to know a girl Alice, she is the girlfriend of Connor..
On that way they all go to a party and believe me that party changes lifes...


1. Pologue


A/N: Hyee guys, well this is my first story here and I kinda hope you like it.. I'm writing on wattpad also but I thought this side was cool too! 

Hope you like it all and please leave some feedback? 

Much Love 




Uni Love




A new school year is starting and there are going plenty new students to the university of Oxford..

Now the two best friends Liam Payne and Niall Horan were hiding over to their for their lessons English, the both wanna become a teacher English..

The two other best friends Connor and Mason are also going to Oxford, for lessons Economy. 

Ofcourse all with a dream..


Like expected Louis, Mason, Connor and Harry were on the same room..

Connor and Mason knew each other

But Louis and Harry don’t, soon they get to know each other and be like best friends.. They do everything together and are like the normal best friends..

With Zayn , Liam and Niall..

They could sleep also with each other in one room..

Soon enough Liam knows what Zayn is trying to do with Niall but he doesn’t really want that..

Liam gets to know a girl Alice, her boyfriend was Connor and he had an amazing idea to have a big party in the weekend..

Liam, Niall and Zayn ofcourse came with them, Harry, Louis and Mason would be there too…

And that’s how the 5 boys get to know each other more and more!...


That simple party starts everything..

Fights, more love, hate and true friendship…



What will they do after that special party?! 

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