Uni Students

Harry, Mason, Connor and Louis are going to the university Oxford..
They are planning on studing Economy..
Connor and Mason are best friends but Harry and Louis don't know each other..
And they lay together in one room.. Soon Louis and Harry become good friends, best friends..
Otherwise with Niall, Liam and Zayn..
Are studing English..
Niall and Liam are best friends from kindergarden.
And Zayn don't knows them.. Liam knows Zayn is having a thing for Niall but he's not happy with that. Liam gets to know a girl Alice, she is the girlfriend of Connor..
On that way they all go to a party and believe me that party changes lifes...


3. I'm Louis!


A/N: Heey well here is my second part of this Story! I really hope that you like it!? 

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Louis’ POV





Today is my first day on college! Yessshh! Finely, I waited for it so long! And now I’m finely there! I feel really happy today. I just said goodbye to all of the people in my family and that are much people and now I sit in my car and this baby starts driving to my new home for a while.

I just can’t stop smiling all the time..

I’ll introduce myself for a second.


I’m Louis William Tomlinson, I’m 22 , I live in Doncaster, I have 5 sisters, 1 brother, I’m going to study economics, and I have two best friends, one male and his name is Oliver and one female her name is Layla.

They are really sweet, I know them for more than 10 years..

And well yeah I’m gay and most of the people who know me know that I am..

And I’m pretty proud of it.

Well I’m almost there and I’m excited.

I am here all alone and I don’t know anyone but I’m really not gonna worry about that I’m just gonna have a great time and I’ll hope that I learn much and that I get to know many people.   

I drive past a board that is saying “Oxford University”.

And I start to drive abit faster..

I want to be there as fast as I can..

And a while later I park my car on the parking.

Taking my suitcases out of my trunk and I walk inside.

But the truth is that I need to pee! But the women told me I had to go to the lockets but, I , ahn..

I just stand in a row because there are 3 of them.

It’s a woman behind it and she looks like a 30 year old maybe 35. But on the other locket is a women maybe 60 – 65 maybe.

I really can’t hold it, I need to pee really fast.

I try to ask on the lady where the bathroom is but all the people tell me that I have to wait like every other person, no problem but I need to peeee!!!

For God sakes..

I start running into a hall and I almost push a boy to the ground.

‘Owh, I’m sorry are you okay?’

‘Yeah sure,’

He says while he looks up..

‘Well boy, why where you running for?’

The woman that was walking with him asked me

‘I was looking for a bathroom because I really need to pee’

‘Well this hall out to the left and then you will  find one’

‘Oh, thank you ma’am , see you around curly’

And he smiles at me .

Then I just start running again

And I hear the woman yell:

‘Don’t run in the hall!!’

But I smile it away, I was just happy when I reached that bathroom finely.

And omg, that was a pretty boy, with those curls and those green eyes.. wow


Yeah well now I walk back to the lockets because I need to talk with that lady and my suitcases are still there..

When it was to me on the lockets , I smile at the women behind it.

‘Goodmorning I’m miss Wright’

‘Good Morning miss, I’m sorry for back but I really needed to pee’

‘Nothing to worry about’

She says while smiling


‘Well, Name and date of birth please’

‘Louis William Tomlinson, and 24 December 1991’

‘Okay, mister Tomlinson and what are you planning to follow here?’

‘Economics, miss’

‘Okay, well thank you very much you can go with Heidi she will guides the way’

‘Thank you very much, miss Wright’

‘I’ll see u around, Louis’


She is really sweet and also Heidi.

It’s gonna be awesome around here, and it’s gonna be great when I see that curly haired guy again…


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