stampy meets forest gump

Do you like stampy of you tube? Do you like forest gump? If you like 1 or both read this epic advet they have to gether.


2. The Demoleshers [a band]

Latter on they bumped in to The Demolishers  .The lead singer syndrome said "Who is this" in a menacing voice. Stampy apoledjised  then syndrome said "get em boys"...  Stampy and forest were trapped by Syndrome , makorov and manandas. Stampy Screeed "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Then forest  Wisped "Call for the avengers" "ok" stampy replied. So stampy called the avengers but they were busy so they called the increderbuls but you guess what they were busy  3 time lucky so they called the a team luckily they were free woooo. When they showed up stampy and forest were all most dead but the A team din' stop the squid killed them and saved stampy and forest. "Hi" Squid wisped out of berth "[pant pant]" you all [pant pant] right ?" "yep" Stampy and forest replied "jinxed You own me a soda" "lets set ow  its night" So they sleped they till morning. When it was morning they set of and found hitthetagerts bass. They just seat up a tnt trap to kill hitthetarket but it back fired so they just pegged it.

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