What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


20. Sinking fear

Britt's P.O.V;

I saw the look of fear on Selena's face as she turned onto the highway, the car was eerily quiet.

Cody and Nemo are both crying silently, Selena is rattled with sinking fear of driving the highway and I'm constantly thinking about what people must think of us now.

"Turn right here" Nemo whispered as we neared the turn off for the hospital, Selena gulped and nodded, turning on her indicator and easing her way round the sharp corner.

I stared at the passing signs telling us the hospital was up ahead, Selena kept driving and gasped when we finally saw the all too familiar parking lot.

"It's angle park" Selena stated anxiously, "I...I have no idea what I'm doing..."

Nemo leant over and calmly grabbed the wheel, attempting to steer in the right direction so she can drive straight in.

"Okay, just slowly ease your way in, but turn right a tad bit so it's straight" Nemo instructed.

She did as she was told and we parked safely. Nemo leant over and kissed her cheek gently before we all got out.


Cody's P.O.V;

"Can you tell me what happened?" The doctor asked gently as he examined Nemo's knuckles.

Nobody answered until the doctor spoke again, "Was it from a fight?"

Nemo nodded sadly, "I got into a punch up with my boss and a co worker" He whispered hoarsely.

The doctor nodded and looked at his x ray results, "Is your surname Thompson?" He inquired.

Nemo looked confused for a second and nodded.

"Who's your next of kin?"

My eyes widened, Since Dad went missing, none of us had one.

"Um, it was my brother...but he went missing." Nemo's voice started to get louder and more anxious.

"Your brother, is that Jack Thompson?"

Nemo nodded, "Why? Is he admitted here?"

My eyes grew wide, admitted? For what?

"Well, yes he's in our mental health ward."

Selena's jaw dropped, "Did you know about this?" She asked angrily at Nemo who nodded sheepishly.

"But I only found out this morning, that's why I got into the fight" He explained.

"Yeah but when did you plan on telling us?! Huh?!" Selena's anger radiated off of her in waves.

Nemo looked at her in shock, "C'mon Sel..."

"No! I'm done!" She screamed and run from the room.

Nemo held his breath and let tears slip down his cheeks slowly.

Our family is a mess...

A/N: Hiiiii

Okay so this chapter kinda sucks.

But just know, I can't drive so I'm not really sure how they angle park properly so I kinda guessed.

Can we just discuss that punching humans/walls can actually damage your knuckle?

I went through a bad time towards the end of last year and I was on a major anger rush and I slammed my fist against a concrete pole. After tons of x rays and IV cannulas I found out they're permanently damaged.

So I'll always have a deformed knuckle :(

Please don't punch things or people guys, it doesn't solve anything and it can really cause some damage.

Anyways, like, favourite and follow <3

~Sarah xox

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