What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


19. Physical fight

Nemo's P.O.V;

Today was the day, we were finally returning to school after being off for almost a month or two.

I was currently in the staffroom playing on my phone when Selena's year advisor walked in and gave me a sad smile.

"You okay?" He asked sitting down next to me.

I shrugged my shoulders and paused my game of candy crush.

"How are the girls?"

"They say that they're alright but I can tell..." I was abruptly cut off when an announcement boomed over the PA system;

'Could all teachers please report to the main hall immediately for an important staff meeting'

I slid my phone in my pocket and began walking with the other teachers from my faculty to this 'important meeting'

All faculties have different staff rooms, Me and my brother were both PE teachers. But I swear he could've passed as a music teacher.

So many other teachers were giving me sorry smiles and 'sending their love' it was crazy, half of them don't even know me. I'm starting to feel like they all know something I don't...


All the staff talked amongst themselves as we waited for the principal to address us, I went back onto my phone and saw I had a text from the girls;


BritterBerry; Good luck today xx

Codyyyyyy; Just forget everyone else, we can do this <3

SellyBelly; Go get 'em, and if you encounter a hater, the sharks are starving ;) xx

I quickly replied to them all as the staff meeting finally started

"Okay, morning everybody! First I'd like to say welcome back to our very own PE teacher. Nathan Thompson"

Everybody clapped and I sunk down in my seat. I didn't want all the attention on me at this particular moment in time.

"Second of all, I've got some bad news"

Everybody grew silent as I sat up a bit straighter, intrigued as to what he has to say.

"As you all know, Nathans brother, also known as 'Sassy' is missing. Now, It's come to my attention that he won't be back for at school."

I felt my fist clenching, if he was gonna make this a story of my brothers depression then I'm gonna make a story of his bleeding nose.

"Sadly he's been admitted to a mental health ward, due to some serious issues between his family."

Everybody's eyes glared at me and I snapped.

"Are you fxcking joking!?" I screamed.

"Sit down" Somebody hissed through clenched teeth, I ignored them. I was to angry to calm down.

"Your blaming my family! For an accident! Then you say that he's in a mental health ward! And you told everybody else first before his own flesh and blood!" I walked right up to him, my blood boiling with anger.

"Okay, Nathan please calm down" He tried backing away but I pushed him against the wall.

I felt a pair of arms grab me and try to pull me back, so I turned around and punched them square in the nose, it was Selena's year advisor again. But that didn't stop me from laying into them both.

Here I was, fighting my boss and a fellow teacher, they both tried fighting me off them. I'd probably have a few bruises and a black eye by the time I was finished. But I couldn't care less. They had no right to blame us for what happened.

"You fxcking dicks! Stick your job up your arse! 'Cause guess what!?! I quit!" I screamed at everybody and stormed out of the main hall.

Obviously I'd attracted the whole student body because as I walked out everybody backed away from me. I saw Cody slap somebody across the face with force and went to back her up.

"My Dad is not a suicidal freak you jerk!" She screamed before running off with tears in her eyes.

"You watch your mouth!" I spat before pushing my way through the group of people.

Selena's P.O.V;

I watched in terror as Nemo lost his temper and started physically fighting the principal.

Cody stood there arguing with a jerk who was a year above me. I threw Britt the keys to the car, which Nemo gave to me in case I needed to get in there. She took off running and I tried calming Cody down. But she wouldn't budge.

Nemo stormed out and went to back Cody up as she slapped the idiot across the face and screamed at him.

Nemo yelled something at him but I didn't quite hear it. He soon pushed through everybody and ran towards the car, I ran after Cody who'd run off crying.


Cody is cuteee; Meet me at the car Baby, we're outta here xxx

I was about to keep walking, but stopped when I felt a presence behind me. Turning around I met eyes with a distraught Cody. She could barely walk she was shaking with cries.

I grabbed her bag and put it over my shoulder, thankful she didn't have a back pack like I did.

I picked her up bridal style, I'm not the strongest person in the world but Cody was pretty light so I could easily carry her.


I placed her in the back seat and dumped our bags in the boot. Nemo sat in the passenger seat with his head in his hands, I ran over and put my arm around him.

He looked up at me sadly.

"I think I've fractured my knuckles, can you drive to the hospital?" He asked hoarsely.

I bit my lip as a pit of nerves formed in my stomach. I'd never driven the highway before, but I knew that I had no other option; This was something I had to do...

A/N: Okay, so I realize I spelt all the swear words wrong. I don't like swearing that much so I wanted to stay somewhat in my comfort zone.

This was a really hard chapter to write honestly; I've never written about a physical fight before so I had to use my imagination...

~Sarah xo



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