What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


11. Morning smartarses

Selena's P.O.V;

I slowly dragged myself out of bed and wandered into my wardrobe. I get too wear mufti today considering I have a rehearsal for a performance eisteddfod today. Dad and I are performing 'Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.' While I also have a solo of 'Flying with the King by Lee Kernaghan' Then Cody and I are dancing too 'Like a G6 by Far East Movement'

Cody isn't even up yet, she will be soon..."Cody!" I yelled. She quickly sat up; "Who what when where?" She screamed. I giggled slightly as she laid back down and buried herself underneath her doona. She soon got up and searched for her clothes; "Does it have too be school uniform?" She yawned. I shook my head and finally found my outfit;

Cody's P.O.V;

Oh my actual mother of converse fudge. Selena is wearing THE most amazing shirt in the world!

"Sel, who's taking the bag?" I called, "Me!" Brittany piped up. "Oh my goodness your so NOT funny" I informed her as I poked my head out into the hallway where she was jamming too her music...She's strange.

"Never mind I will" I concluded before shoving everything in my cute as a button, amaze balls bag. "You do that" Nemo's voice said, I spun around too see him wearing my sunnies. "Heavens for bid" I muttered before grabbing them back. "Hurry up we'll be late" He said before leaving me in peace. Today actually seems like it may be fun-ish. Although I am stuck with Dad all day, While Brittany's in class and Nemo's...Well goodness knows what he's doing.

This is my amazing outfit;

A/N: So I needed a filler so I could mainly focus on the night.

Fun fact: Sarah actually had showcase rehearsals the day of her year 10 formal. Oh and just sayin' I want Cody's shorts SO badly while Sarah wants her shoes haha.


~Becca xo

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