What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


12. Formal Night

Cody's P.O.V;

I watched in pride as Dad and Selena sung their duet, they're both really talented. Only they don't realize that.

One they'd finished, we heard a knock on the door as Selena's crush walked in. Her eyes bulged as he took her hand and looked into her eyes, "Will you be my date for the formal?" He asked sweetly. She looked over at Dad who was filming the whole thing, Typical Dad...She looked at me who was taking photos of it...Ha I'm evil. She looked over at Josh (Her crush) and smiled. "I'd love too" She whispered. He slid the most gorgeous corsage on her wrist and it made us all catch her breath.

*3 Hours later*

Selena's P.O.V;

"You look amazing" Nemo smiled as Cody zipped up my dress. I sighed while staring down at my shoes, I swear I'm gonna break my neck in these heels. My eyes shoot towards Cody who's fiddling with something, It isn't...No...It can't be...She wouldn't...Would she? "C-Cody?" I stutter, She looks up and bites her lip. "We have to" Nemo interrupted, "Why?" I ask in fear. He shrugs and takes The Canon Rebel off Cody. Dad joins me in the lounge room, He smiles at me and kisses my cheek. "Simply gorgeous" He whispers. I smile and look up at Nemo who's trying too fix Dad's tie. Brittany comes out of her room with her phone, She holds it up and me being me sticks my finger up. Too my surprise, she doesn't complain.

Nemo raises The most hated object in the house towards Me and Dad. I have a thought too turn away, but I wouldn't get away with it. I suck it up and start smiling. It seems like forever until everybody's satisfied. Brittany hugs me and blindfolds me, "What the hell Britt?" I asked as she led me outside. Dad giggled before pulling off my blindfold. My eyes bulged, He'd got a Limo! I hugged him tightly, "Thankyou" I whispered before we hopped in.

Maybe the year 10 Formal may not be so bad?

Oh and btw, this is my outfit;

A/N: Heyy!

Here it is!

Thankyou so much to Tayjoyce and R.D.M Goldlight for their help with dresses and stuff. I'm in love with her shoes. Like oh my.

~Becca xo


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