What happens when your Mum dies.
Your Dad has depression.
You have depression
One of your younger sisters has anxiety?
What do you have left?
*Cover made by @[CorkyPorkyღ]


13. Don't do this...

Brittany's P.O.V;

I flicked through my magazine scanning every page I passed. Sel and Dad were in an in-depth conversation about her confidence levels. Nemo and Cody were watching all the videos from the eisteddfod and giggling at Dad's voice when he hit a high note.

"Britt, tell Dad that I don't need confidence."

I looked up at her in guilt.

"Sel, I'm with Dad. Like yeah you performed at Eisteddfod but you were that nervous about each performance you were literally a massaging chair. It took us about 30 minutes to relax you each time."

"Yeah and..."

"And with a little more confidence you'd be able to beat all your nerves easily."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. We had everybody's attention and it just made her wanna lose it.

"Screw this shit." She muttered and walked into her room and slammed the door.

Dad out his head in his hands, "Well clearly I'm the worst father"

I ran over too him and sat on his lap, "Dad never say that, I couldn't ask for a better family."

He gave me a fake smile and sighed "I'm going for a walk"

I hopped off him and watched him walk out of the house.

Selena's P.O.V;

I've been in my room for an hour.

My phone buzzed, I saw I had a message from Dad;


Father Bear; I'm sorry Sel...Everything would be easier for you Girls if Mum was with us. But she can't be...So I'll be with her. Stay strong Princess. Love Daddy x

My eyes widened in terror, I quickly messaged him back;


Father Bear; Dad, please don't do this. C'mon you've been there since I was a baby then when Mum died you kept us going until Nemo arrived. But without you, we'd be separated. We wouldn't be a family...You have to stay strong for us. Mum wanted you to stand strong and be happy. Please Dad, please don't end it all. We all love you, always have...always will <3

I waited anxiously for a reply...Nothing.

I dialled his number but just ended up getting message bank.

Nemo's P.O.V;

I was sitting with Britt and Cody watching TV when Selena run out of her room with tear stained eyes.

"Sel, what's..."

"Dad just messaged me and said that things would be easier on us if he was with Mum!"

I grabbed her phone and read the message out to the Girls.

"Shit! Ring him!" Britt yelled.

"I've tried about 10 times, I got message bank!"

Sel collapsed to the ground and started crying. Cody ran over and hugged her tight while Britt led me over to the lounge and tried to relax me; I had tears threatening to spill but I wanted to be strong for the girls.

"It's all my fault" Sel sobbed.

I picked her up and sat her on my lap, "It's nobody's fault alright? We'll find him. I promise."

"Dead or alive?" She whimpered.

I buried her face into my shoulder and scrunched my eyes to keep from crying...

My brother might have just left this world...

A/N: Is this an actual update?

Wow. Hope yaa like it! <3

Next chapter coming soon <3

~Sarah xoxox

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