Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


8. 08// Give Me a Reason Why

The next day felt a bit weird. Maybe, it was just because of last night. I still can't believe it.

He seems.. Trustful. Yet mysterious. There's just something about him that I find attractive. Maybe not just looks, or his body, but there's just something else that I like about Harry.

"Are you awake?" Adeline asked. I hear her sheets moved.

"Yeah." I said. I look over at our clock and it reads 3am. "Thought it was 7." I said. She got up from her bed and lay down next to me on mine then she pulls the blanket.

"He's a jerk." She said. "He's bad." She added. "He's dangerous." She continued.

"I know," I said. I don't know what to say.

"He's bad. I think that's why you like him."

I was silent for awhile. Bad? I like him because he's bad? I don't think so.

I close my eyes. Trying not to think about it.




I make my way to my class, place down my books on my table. Looking around the room, I couldn't see a curly haired boy anywhere behind me, or around me.

The day is almost over, I took a trip to a nearest cafe just to make the stress go away. I open my laptop and do my work.

I spent on working on an assessment for a good ten minutes, until someone decided to join me.

"Hello," Said the boy who I was looking for the entire day. "Coffee and an assessment at the same time?" He said. "That sounds so you."

"What are you doing here?" I asked him after I sipped my coffee, he rested his hands on the sofa's rests, and put his foot on his leg, with a cocky smile.

"Honestly, I don't know." he said. "My mind told me to come here so here I am."

"Hmm," I said in response.

"Where were you this morning Harry?"

"I passed out, last night." he said and that smile disappeared.

"Sounds like a night routine for you," I said without eye contacts, I continue on drinking my drink.

"Actually," he starts. "There's a reason behind it." He put his leg down, he opened a white cloth that covers his entire hand, from his knuckles to his wrist.

As he open them, it was injured, badly. He was very drunk then.

"I hurt some guys last night. Badly." He said.

"Why did you do that?" I asked.

"I was really dead drunk Faith, my eyes were bloodshot red, I couldn't think." He said. "But, I know I was thinking about you. Badly."

I know this is one of his plan. I've heard about this situation before. Most girls fall for words.

But this time, I will try not to be one of them. I shook my head, I closed my laptop, grab my coffee and I was ready to leave.

"Faith?.." his voice cracked. "I'm sorry."

I left the cafe, I walk faster. Don't cry. I said to myself. I know that I'm sensitive but I can't show fear or weakness.

"Faith, please!" His voice sounds like he's standing right next to me.

Just keep walking.

Somehow, he caught my hands.

"Will you just listen?"

"You hurt people, you passed out, you lied to me, you used me. And you expect me to listen you?" I asked, feeling hurt. He just look me in the eyes. "Tell me one reason why I should." I said.

"Because when you fell in love with two different people, you choose the second one. If you really love the first one, you wouldn't fall for the second one."

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