Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


7. 07// Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

"Thanks Harry, I owe you." Adeline said, walking out of the room with me.

"Your welcome," I reply.

"Hey, do you know what's wrong with Faith? She's acting a bit weird recently..."


"I don't, I see her smiling like an idiot almost everyday." And since that, I smile.

I was going to say something but Faith was calling her name.

"Wait a sec," She said, going back to the room.

Faith's POV:

"What is it?" Adeline appears from the door. I sat up, and sighed.

"Is he still here?" I asked and she nods. "I want to talk to him, alone. Is that okay?.." I ask.

"Uh, yeah of course. I'll wait outside." She agrees, she goes out and called Harry to go in. Not for long, Harry is in the room.

"You wanted to see me?" He asked, sitting down on Adeline's bed.

"Yes.." I said. "A-about.. What happened back then.. It was, I don't know.. It was my first."

"Really?" He said, feeling satisfied, and I nodded.

"Other than that, thanks for helping me out." I smiled.

"Your welcome," He answers. "So, I was your first kiss?" He smiled and I laugh. "Are you busy? Do you have anything to do after this?"

"Uh, no. Why?.." I asked.

"Because you're going to have a second one," He pulls me by my waist and pressed his lips on mine.

Next day

"Class, we have a new student here. Her name is Vanessa Hart, she'll be joining us today."

After he introduce her to the class, she took a seat next to me.

"Vanessa," she said, handing out her hand for me to shake.

"Faith," I said and she smiled.

"I know," She smiled, then she let go.


I went straight to a café for a cup of coffee, then I can go straight to my dorms.

After I get to the café, Vanessa was there with



Before I look away, Harry spots me. "Faith! Hey," he said and I turn around.

"Hi," I said, walking to them. "Hello, Vanessa." I said to her and she smile.

"You two know each other?.."

"Of course, we share few classes together." Vanessa said.

"Yes, we are." I said.

The next 15 minutes, I find myself hanging out with Vanessa and Harry.

"Hey Faith," she said. "I want to get to know you better, there's a party on my friend's house, you should come with us!" she said.

"You two are coming?"

"Uh, yeah." Harry said.

"Can I bring someone?"

"Sure," Vanessa said. "Is she a pro at drinking?"

"Oh she would be queen of it." I said.

"Tonight, we'll pick you up." she said and I nod.


I opened my door, Adeline was sitting on her bed while watching Netflix and eating tortilla chips.

I slammed the door making her jumped.

"Whoa, I'm not ready for World War III!" she said. "What's goin' on?"

"You, me, party, tonight." I said, opening my closet.

"Whoa what?" she smiles as I take put my best dresses which are nothing.

"There's this girl.. She really annoys me, a lot." I said. "This might not right.." I said, looking at my worn dress.

"What party?"

"A frat party,"

"Open my closet, you'll find something."

I took out a short black dress that stops mid thigh.

"Are you going to be the stripper or what?"


"I'm just kidding!"

"But really, it's like.. I don't know.. Not like you."

"How do I look?" I look at myself in the mirror, it was long sleeved, the chest and stomach areas are super sheer, it has black florals on it. "I need black bandeau for this.." I said.

"You look hot." she said and I laugh. She takes out a plain red tight dress that probably shorter than mine.


Few hours later,

I spot Vanessa, with a hookah on her mouth, she was sitting on Harry's lap.

"Oh, you came." She said, laughing. "Care for a drink?" She asks and I nodded.

Why did Harry let her sitting on his lap?

"Oh, this is my roommate Adeline." I said, introducing her.

"I'm Vanessa," she said.

"Nice hair," She smiles.

"Thanks, it was made of your mom's chest hair." Adeline responds. I step on her foot and she didn't flinched at all. "Excuse us," she drags me to the bar.

"What did you think you're doing Adeline!" I said to her, she crossed her hands and rolled her eyes.

"She's a spoiled narcissistic bitch! We were in the same school and oh my God after I graduated I finally can breathe but now, this bitch is back. How am I supposed to enjoy the night?"

"She's a nightmare, everyone who crosses her, Vanessa will do something to make them feel bad about something,"

"I've never hate someone this much," I said and she laugh. "Let's just grab a drink, and have fun." I said and she agrees.


After chatting, I met with some kids that I know from campus, I was having a good time to be honest. Then, someone poked my shoulder.

"Can I talk to you about something?.." It was Harry.

"Depends," I said, he runs his neck.

"You look hot," he starts.

"That's not a compliment," I spin the chair back, but he turn myself around by spinning the chair by my shoulders.

"I've got to tell you something, and it won't be pretty." He starts.

"About what?.."

I get this feeling of nervousness, what is he going to tell me?

"Look, you are a wonderful girl, smart, kind, and hot." He starts which I rolled my eyes at his last words. "But.." he added.

"I have a girlfriend." He said, and from that moment, I feel like the party stops.

"...." I look away, I don't know how to respond.

"Say something?.."

"You know that it was not fair for you to kiss me easily just like that on my bed?" I crossed my hands. "You do realized that it was not fair both for you and Vanessa." I said and he widens his eyes.


"Girls' eyes are much more better than molecule microscopes." I said and he put his hands on his pockets.

"Does she know?"


"That's just great, my head doesn't feel right. I'm going home now."

"W-wait! I'll drive you back!"

"I drove here," I said. I didn't drink too much, in fact I hate drinking and partying.


"Dude what the hell?" Adeline asked as she sits down on her bed.

"I'm sorry, but we had to leave."

"What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it, maybe next time."

I lay myself on my bed and close my eyes.

"I'm here if you need me Faith, were sisters." I can feel her smiling.

Well, and that's why kids, don't talk to strangers.

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