Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


4. 04// Dinner With Him

I know it's been awhile and I am so sorry for not updating! :( School starts which is sucks! But here you go:)

Barbara [Faith's mother]




"HOLY CRAP WHAT THE FUCK REALLY? HE SAID THAT?!" Adeline shouted as she stands up on her bed.


"Adeline! Oh my god.. Yes, just keep it down.." I said and put my index finger on my lips.


"Oh my God! C'mon, I'll help you with your outfit!" She took my hand and drags me to the front of my wardrobe. "Okay, I'll pick a dress.." She said, scanning every single hanger that I have. After an hour of choosing which one should I wear, we both decided to go with a very light pink dress, it was almost the same dress that Ariana Grande worn in her music video Almost is Never Enough.


She then gave me a denim jacket just to complete the look, and a pair of light pink low heels. Then, she did my makeup and my hair.


"Goodness me, you look perfect!" She said and I smiled. As much as I didn't want to go, but I really love my appearance tonight. Harry was kinda scared me sometimes so I have no choice but to accept it.


After that, I heard a knock on our door.


"Hey Harry.." I said after opening the door.


"Hello there Faith." He said with a smile. "You look beautiful, love"." He added after he eyes me from head to toes.


"Thanks, Adeline I'll be back later!" I said.


"Okay! Be sure to use protection!" She winked, and I blushed and I saw Harry's smirking. "Just.. Ignore her." I said and laugh a little bit.


"I will surely do, now C'mon!" He said and grab my hand and led me to his car.


As soon as Harry drove the car, he decides to speak.


"Well, tell me a bit about you." He said.


"What do you want to know?" I asked and he smiles.


"Anything, I'm really interested in you and I'd love to hear more about you." He said which makes me giggle.


"There were some guys said the same thing and they becomes bored of me." I joke.


"Well, they are not me." He winks and I smile. I told him, my family, my mother, father, and my little sister, likes and dislikes. "Do you do any sports?"


"No, I'm not a really sporty person." I said and he nods. As soon as we arrived, Harry parks the car, then lead me to the restaurant.


"Harry Styles." Harry said to the guy then he leads us to our reserved table. After ordering our meal, it was only the two of us sitting across each other with tongues tied. What should I say? What should I do? I don't know Harry.. He's still a stranger to me even though I know his name.


"What's wrong Faith?" He asked, clearly look a bit worried.


"Oh, no I'm fine. Just need to go to the restroom." I said and he nods slowly, almost not believing my words. "I won't run away." I added and he smirks. I get a bit uncomfortable when a guy smirked, I don't know why, but I just don't really find it interesting, but his smirk is different.


I went to the restroom not knowing what to do because it was just an excuse, well, I am feeling fine and worried about myself. I don't know what he could do to me, he could hurt me, he knows that I'm no good in sports and stuff so he could beat the shit out of me. Oh God.. I just swear.


I look in the mirror to fix my hair a bit and I saw my zipper is a bit down so I pull them up. Then I took a deep breath and trying to be as flexible as possible. As soon as I approach my table, I saw the meals coming and I couldn't be more excited, I mean, who doesn't love food?


Harry's eyes met mine and he got relieved. What was that all about?


"Thought you've ran away." He smiled.


"I refuse to." I said and he narrows his eyebrows and lose his smile. "Joking." I said and there it goes, his smile comes back to life.




"Where are we going now?" I asked him who was driving the car somewhere.


"You'll know it when you see it." He said with a playful smirk.

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