Hustler // h. s AU

"He's like a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it'll turn around and come back to you. And if it did came back to you, it's up to you if you managed to catch it or let it hit you, hard."


1. 01// Hello, Faith


 Faith Hayes



Faith's POV:


"No! Get off me Adeline!" I laughed and trying to let my hand go from her grip.


"Goddammit! Girl you've been studying for the whole week! Live a little will ya?" Adeline laughed as well and dragged myself out from my house.


"Goodbye Mrs. Hayes!" Adeline shouted from the door and I rolled my eyes.


"Adeline noo!" I said, but he she keeps dragging me to her car."I'm not five you know." I said giggling.


"But you acted like one." She rolled her eyes and fasten her seatbelt as well as me.


Along our way, she turns the radio and there goes my jam, The Way by Ariana Grande.


"I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT.." We both sang along together, but Adeline was way crazier and louder than me who has a small voice, and I didn't realize that we are already on our destination. Adeline took her purse and unfastened her seat belt, but not for me.


"Ad? I don't feel good.." I said and I crossed my hands in front of my chest.


 "Stop acting like one and get out of my damn car already." She said. I groaned and I do what she said. Loud music, alcoholic air, people passing out makes me nervous. I've never been to this kind of places before and that makes me even more nervous.


 "Is this your first time Adeline?" I asked her, she raised an eyebrow and laughed.


 "Is that even a question? C'mon now." She led me inside, ignoring drunken people around asking us if we want to dance with them or not, but we just ignored them and went straight to the bar. "I want something strong." Adeline said to the bartender, she strokes her hair behind her ear and sit down next to me.


Later on, two red plastic cups are in front of us. I smell the aroma and it was a drink that contains alcohol in it. I looked at Adeline who's ready to take another shot, asking the bartender once more.


"I'll be right back. I don't feel very well."  I said and left her alone. The more I walk, the crowded this place going to be. I found a girl's toilet so I decided to go there instead of wandering around in here.


I looked into the mirror, then I washed my hands. Then I head back again, but I couldn't find Adeline nowhere. I went to the bar and she wasn't there as well, where could she be?


I feel myself shaking, and a bit scared. Did she leave me alone here?


"Are you lost, love?" I hear a deep voice said right behind me. When I turned myself, I saw a tall guy with brown curls pushed back and green eyes.


"I-I.." Before I can finish my word, he came closer to me closing the gap between us.


"Let me get you something to drink, yeah?" He smirked and brought me to the same bar as earlier. He ordered a bit different kind of beer, I think this one was a bit lighter than Adeline ordered before. "What's your name, love?" He asked as I grabbed the red cups and drank it slowly.


"I-I'm Faith.." I said. There it goes, the feeling of the alcohol inside my mouth was burning my throat, but for some reason, I like it.


"Faith, that's a lovely name." He smiled and drank his beer."I'm Harry." He said, placing down his cup on the bar, I haven't finished mine, how can people drink beer so fast with that feeling of burning in their throats? Ouch.


"What's wrong? You don't like it?" Harry asked and I jump a little bit. Shaking my head, his lip forms a smile. "Are you from here Faith?"


"N-no.. Actually, I live pretty far from here." I tried to smile and hide my nervousness over strangers.


"Don't be nervous," He smirked and hold my cheek."I like you." He smiled, we should hang out together sometimes. "See you later, Faith." He kissed my cheek and left me alone.




Or maybe not.

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