Wolves of Eden

This is a story about a young female wolf named Ōkami ledor edena,
She takes over the pack from her mother when she died and had to face becoming a leader.
Yet she falls in love with eden packs greatest enemy, the son of scar pack. kakashi.


1. Okami's beginnings

long ago in Japan.

In Agata forest, lived Eden the greatest leader Of all, the wolves loved her so much that they named the pack after her,but soon more dangerous things started to surround the forest. More packs,more creatures ,more humans and more unknown dizzieses. A dizzies surrounded the land and Eden stopped it by the help of the spirits.

All of the packs did a good deed for there packs and when they do they join the wise 4 spirits and Eden was the first. Eden was the the leader of the wise 4 too and the wolves that are apart of it are kya, Wolfen, and Aiza. There are 5 packs in the area and scar isn't apart of the 4 because there evil. Soon they are going to have to call it the wise 5 because I'm going to be one because I am okami the daughter of Eden! 


"ŌKAMI! " the teacher barked angrily and growled, she had chocolate brown fur with green eyes,she was a good friend of my moms.

"AHHHH" I fall out of the tree and hits the ground hard. "Ow that really hurt " I whimpered with my tail tuck in between my legs 

"Ōkami you have to stop running off like that. You have to join the other pups" she growled and her tail sways and she stands up tall.

"ok ok " whimpered and sighed walking into the tree the heart and den of Eden. I know I'm small and only a pup but I will be a great leader someday. 

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