Wolves of Eden

This is a story about a young female wolf named Ōkami ledor edena,
She takes over the pack from her mother when she died and had to face becoming a leader.
Yet she falls in love with eden packs greatest enemy, the son of scar pack. kakashi.


4. night and his teacher


"NIGHT!" his teacher barks.

I shake my back fur and run to him ". yes teacher?" said all out of breath.

the teacher walks to him and growls. " you are late".

my tail tucks in behind me and I stay down whimpering and shaking." I'm sorry teacher, i-it wont happen again ". he stuttered and whimpered.

the teacher stands up tall. teacher is 2X bigger then the average wolf and he had a scar going right down his eye, even half his ear was missing but that wasn't the reason why he scared me. he scares me because he knows my weakness and my fears. he is abusive and horrible; hate him!

". see that tree over there". teacher said calmly yet his eyes look at me with anger yet I never understand.

" yes?" I responded confused like.

" well?! nock it over!" the teacher yelled and sits in the snow to observe.

" but-but". I look at the tree and the tree is thicker than rock and was very tall.

teacher cuts him off and yells " butts are for shitting now go!"

I growl and roll my eyes. I run at the tree and claws it over and over then head butts it. I fall down and shakes my head and flinches in pain.

teacher walks off to me and glares at me. " that was horrible, here like this." he gets into his attack passion and his eyes turn a bright red. energy forms around him then his massive paws burst into flames. he runs to the tree and every step he takes it burns the grass. he slams his paws into the tree making and a boom noise and the tree falls down." TIMBER!". the tree crashes.

nights mouth opens wide of shock. teacher can be horrible but he is so bad ass. I stand up " where did you learn that?"

he looks at him" your father gave me this power and some day ill give it to you". he smiled

my eyes widen, has never seen him smile before and i smile big " really?!"

he laughs ". he sure if you can dodge this tree trunk". he cuts a rope

I tilt my head and confusion". " wait what?". the tree trunk swings down and i get smacked into the air and went flying while yelling.

teacher laughs and yelled " where the hell do you think your going! training isn't over!" .   

as I'm in mid air, I start to think. even though he's the worst teacher ever, he's still all I got......

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