Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


8. Chapter 8: Finding Someone To Trust

Abby POV:

I run away crying why does every guy I trust hurt me?! It was late and I didn't know how to get home. I got my phone and called Liam. He was my best friend at the time. Nikki and Parker seemed to have each other. Harry and Louis were best friends, Zayn and Niall where and Liam truly seemed to care and understand. Honestly he was the perfect guy but he doesn't feel the same way. He's just so kind and caring and huggable.

'Hey, what's up?' He answered.

'Liam can you come pick me up?' I asked still crying.

'Of corse! Where are you?' He asked.

'The étoilé eau restaurant' I said which meant 'starry water'.

'I'll be there ask quick as I can' he said then hung up.

A car drove up beside me then stopped. Liam stepped out of the car and looked at me for a second then gave me a tight hug.

"What happened?" He asked sympathetically.

"I found out Harry was cheating on me." I told him about me dating Harry when we first started dating even tough he told me not to tell any one. I mean he's my best friend. He opened the door for me then walked over to his side. I wrote this for you when you when you first told me about you and Harry dating.

I smiled.

"It's meant for five people to be singing so it won't be perfect."

He started to sing 'Lately I found myself thinking, been thinking about you a lot, and up in my head I'm your boyfriend, but that's one thing you've already got. He drives to school every morning, while I walk alone in the rain, he'd kill me without any warning, if he took a look in my brain! Would he say he's in L-O-V-E, well if it was me and I would, I would. Would he hold you when you're feeling low Baby you should know that I would, I would.' He continued to sing but I cut him off with a kiss.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that" he said after we both let go.

"I didn't think you liked me that way" I replied.

He drove me to my house I got out and walked to my door. I then turned around and opened his door and dragged him into my house then my room.

"Wait this is a little quick Abby!" He hesitated.

I turned on my tv and put in Toy Story, laughed then went to the kitchen to pop some popcorn. Once it was done I walked back to my room to find Liam laying on my bed watching the screen intensely.

"Want some popcorn?" I offered.

"Of corse" he smiled.

"Chill out with the intense screen watching" I laughed.

"No it's Toy Story!" He said sternly.

"It's the previews" I replied.

"And??" He looked at me like I was dumb.

"Haha well I'm gonna change into some comfier clothes" I walked into the bathroom.

When I came back Liam had his shirt off and was just in his jeans. He definitely had a nice body. Thankfully he had been watching the TV and didn't notice I had totally been checking him out. I hoped into my bed and laid down beside him.

"You know we have to tell whoever he was cheating on you with about it. If we could just find her." Liam said after a while.

"It might not be that hard to find her" I say cause she's one of our friends.

"Who is it?" He asks curious now.

"Nikki" I sigh.

"Nikki?! As in our friend Nikki?!" He asks stunned.

I nod my head.

"I'll go to her house tomorrow" he sighs and gets angry but hides it really well.

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