Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


5. Chapter 5: Comfort Me

Abby POV:

Liam drove slowly and I just stared out the window.

"Will they be okay?" I asked Liam like a little kid who didn't understand anything.

"Yeah, Zayn is tough and Nikki is a hell of a lot stronger than she looks" Liam gave a trying smile.

"Yeah but it's not like there gonna get into a fist-fight with the water! Zayn can't swim and Nikki is unconscious! Plus it's frigid out!" I pout. Liam goes cold and stares at the road not looking at me as if he where in shock. Should I be driving? "Liam I'm sorry...I, I, it just came out I'm sorry!"

"Don't worry about it, it's fine" he said emotionless. I scooted closer to Liam and put head on his shoulder and grabbed his arm. His eyes watered and he moved his arm out of my grip and around my shoulder. He was so warm, so kind, so forgiving. He was perfect unlike my boyfriend Tyler. I frowned and Liam kissed the top of my head and I just started to cry, non-stop. Tyler would have pushed me of him and said 'you're getting tear stains on my shirt!' I smiled at him and hugged him.

Parker POV:

"Guys it getting dark where are they" I ask worried.

"I don't know! Why don't I go home check on Liam and Abby and come back with some flashlights?" Louis suggested.

"Ya ok, I'll go with." Harry said.

"Ok but please be careful!" I said giving them hugs.

"Ya" Harry said still not quite understanding what had taken forever but seemed so quick.

I looked at Niall after they left and I couldn't help but grab him and sob. Never had I ever cried in front of anyone, but he seemed so open, so gentle so calm. I then felt a tear splash on my head and we both collapsed to the ground crying in each others arms. I looked up at him with my tear stained face and his red puffy eyes gazed back. He grabbed my neck and gently kissed my lips then he started to leave my lips, I grabbed the back of his head so he couldn't and we just laid there kissing. When we finally stopped we started to look for Zayn and Nikki.

Liam POV:

Abby was leaning on me and it looked like she had fallen asleep. She was so beautiful, and calm, and sweet, plus at time extremely funny. But she had a boyfriend who she really loved and I wasn't going to mess that up. I frowned and slowed down, I didn't want this moment to end. We pulled into my driveway and I carried Abby bridal style and laid her on me bed then put the covers on top of her. My couch was comfier to me anyway so I really didn't mind. As long as she didnt want cereal with a spoon tomorrow morning everything would work out ok. I got a text from Harry, it read 'hey whose house did you go to?' 'Mine' I replied.

Parker POV:

"It's kinda romantic you know" I said to Niall.

"What is?" He asked

"Dying in each others arms" I replied.

"They're not dead!" He yelled.

"What if they are! We have to accept it! You think this doesn't hurt me! I've known Nikki longer than you've known either of them! It hurts me too." I cried

"Look I'm sorry but I refuse to believe they're gone." He pulled me back closer to him.

"What's that???" I yelled.

"A hug?" He replied.

"No not that!" I pushed him.

Then Harry and Louis car broke down right beside us on the side of the road with flashlights.

"Point them over there!" I commanded and they obeyed.

We saw Zayn glued to Nikki, seemingly motionless. We heard a tiny cough from Zayn and rushed over there and fell towards them.

"Zayn! Nikki! Are you okay?! Your freezing!" I cried. Zany's eyes were open staring at Nikki, but he wasn't here, his mind had gone to another place. He wasn't dead but wasn't alive either. Niall pulled me on to him making me realize they weren't coming back. Louis yelled "call 911!" "I can't I don't have signal!" Harry yelled back. "Let's get them into the car!" "Why it doesn't work!" "Well we can't just leave them here!" I heard the boys yell all around me as I stared at Nikki, my best friend, dead on the sand, and to top that off Zayn lay beside her breathing but not here. I was too stunned to cry, or even make a sound, all I could do was stare. Just then I couldn't help but shout "Niall!" I screamed pointing to a car coming around the turn. The boys rushed over to the car, with our luck was a police car!

"Officer! Our friends!" Louis cried pointing towards me and Zayn. The cop radioed the station and got us two ambulances. When the paramedics got here they tried to put them on different gurneys but Zayn refused to let go of Nikki, so they where put on the same one, then carried them to the ambulance. They let the four of us ride with them and they took their vitals.

"Your lucky, both your friends seem to be alive at this point" one paramedic said. "But they both seem to be in a comas, we will find out more at the hospital."

Relief flooded my body.

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