Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


4. Chapter 4: Not To Be Taken Literally

Nikki POV:

When we finally got to the studio we worked on our songs together and finished in half the time. A fun song came on and I wasn't sure what it was. We all got up and danced. I was losing my edge! Anyway Zayn kept trying to dance with me and I kept walking off. I see Parker whisper to Zayn then start to dance with him. The old jealousy trick...'you can't make me jealous I don't like him!' I thought to myself. I couldn't help but start laughing so hard. Niall comes beside me,

"What are we laughing about" he laughed.

"You don't know?" I asked

"No, I just like laughing" he smiled making me laugh harder. Just then my happy smile turned into an evil one. 'Payback time' I thought to myself. I grabbed Niall's shirt and kissed him. Both Parker and Zayn saw, infuriating them both. Niall stared at me confused and I start to laugh again while Parker gives me the 'death stare'.

Parker POV:

We later decided to do truth or dare, boys on girls. Whoever chickened first lost.

"Alright girls go first!" Abby yelled.

"Nooooo! Guys go first there are more of us any way!" Louis yelled back.

"Ya, but..." Abby continued.

After what seemed like hours of fighting I finally said "Holy crap! Really?!? Just do Rock Paper Scissors if your that stubborn!"

"Wow, chill Parker..." Liam said.

"Oh shut up Liam!" I yelled "like you're any better" now we where fighting too...

And eventually everyone was fighting except Zayn and Niall who didn't seem to care and Nikki who started to look pissed. Then she snapped "SHUT UP!!! For crine out loud we're not two year olds can we please just handle this like we actually have some manners!!!"

"Yeah, she's right" Niall and Zayn said together.

"Fine" Parker and Liam sat down and Abby and Louis just stood there.

"Why does everything start out as play but end up a freakin war! Look let's just let the guys go first Abby." Nikki said seriously.

"No it's fine you can go first," Zayn replied and just then Nikki gave him an ice cold stare that made me shiver, it meant, don't you dare go against me just drop it, walk away slowly and I might not kill you!

"Fine I got a good one! Abby go jump off a cliff!" Louis said and Zayn joined in "Nikki why don't you go with" neither of them had any type of "kidding" in their voice. Nikki's eyes just stared then slowly walked out and we all suspiciously followed her as she stopped at a short but deadly cliff side.

"Nikki I was kidding!" Zayn ran towards her but before he could get there she had already jumped. I saw Zayn just collapse as if he himself had killed her.

We all look up and find Abby jumping as well and we all dash that way leaving Zayn behind laying on the dirt. Before we we get to the cliff side we hear loud laughter. I look down to find a short landing a couple feet from the top of the cliff with Abby and Nikki cracking up laying on the rock.

"Nikki, Abby that's not funny!" I screamed.

"You scared the crap out of me!" Niall continued.

"I thought you had died! Abby how could you! Nikki you too! Zayn's balling over there and your laughing!?!" Louis cried.

"Guys chill it's a joke you should understand that I pull these all the time! Plus I'm not an idiot! You think I would kill myself cause one person said I should?!?! Hell no!" Nikki laughed in a semi-serious way.

"Zayn she's "fine"" I called to Zayn.

"Why did you say "fine" like that?" Nikki questioned.

"Cause if Zayn doesn't kill you I will!" I screamed at her.

"Wow chill!" Nikki rolled her eyes.

Zayn walked up and stared at Nikki "you're a bitch!" He said quietly but loud enough for us to all hear he started to walk away but Nikki's screech drawled him back.

"Help!" She cried as she tripped off the ledge falling into the river bellow. Zayn jumped in after her despite us trying to stop him. We stared toward the river neither of them had popped up. We finally see Zayn "I can't find her!" He said still searching.

"Zayn down there!" Liam said pointing at a spot further down the river. "Hurry the rapids pick up down there!"

Zayn swam as fast as he could but seeing as how he cant swim it wasn't quick enough! Nikki was sucked into the rock filled, rushing, frigid water. Liam then jumped in trying to get to Nikki, Zayn caught up to Liam and they surged towards Nikki. Zayn finally grabbed her hand and pulled her close, but the force was too strong and he was sucked away too. Liam couldn't find them, we told him it was no use to kill himself looking for them so we sent him home with Abby cause this had shaken her up way too much. The rest of us walked the along side the river hoping they had banked somewhere.

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