Learning To Love

Haunted by a past of fear and pain will Nikki finally find love or fall back into old habits?


2. Chapter 2: Meeting the Boys

Two years later:

Nikki POV:

Needless to say we didn't win but we got far. Parker, Liam and I are practically inseparable. Me and Parker are trying out together this year and Liam is trying on his own.

"Hey guys, Liam what's wrong?"I asked staring at his disappointed face.

"I, I, I think I just got kicked off." He stuttered.

"Not possible! You're too amazing" Parker yelled.

"No they just disqualified me" he practically cried.

The announcer came on: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson, please come back to the stage.

"What are they doing?" Liam asked us.

"I don't know but you better get out there" I said then pushed him towards the stage.

"What are they saying?" Parker asked me.

"I have no idea" I replied.

We stood there wondering what they were saying. "Did Liam really get kicked off earlier?"

"I guess so, those judges can be real bitches."

"Haha you call everyone bitches... Even me!"


"Liam what was that about?!?" I shouted as he walked towards us.

"They want me and the other four to start a group if we do we can stay on X-factor."

"We'll what did you say?" Parker asked.

"I said ok"

"So your gonna stay on X-factor with us! Right?!?!" I asked.

"Of corse!" He yelled then dragged me and Parker into a big group hug just to annoy the heck out of us.

"Parker Clare, Abby Tomlinson, and Nikki Wright, please come to the stage."

"What are they doing now?" I ask.

We go out on stage.

"We want you three to form a girl group, we feel it would be a good idea and that you guys have a very good chance." They judges said.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"Of corse" that Abby girl waved as she walked off the stage.

"Uh, I have to go now but here's my number" Abby gave me and Parker her number and we gave her ours.

"So who's up for Starbucks?" I asked once Parker and I made our way back to Liam.

"It's nine at night" Liam stared at me.

"Ya, but I love Starbucks!" I persisted.

"Really, are we seriously doing this again, Liam she always wins just give up now" Parker said dragging us to Liam's truck.

"I call driving!" I yelled and ran to his car!

"Nooo!" Parker and Liam cried in unison.

"Too late" I smirked. They screamed the whole time telling me to slow down and not to make such sharp turns. Haha oh well.

We got to Starbucks I ordered a tall carmel macchiato steamer which I always get in the winter. Parker got a double chocolate chip frapuccino and Liam got a cookie. He isn't a big fancy coffee person, he'd rather make it himself.

It had been a couple days later and Liam said he really liked his new bandmates. I hadn't really talked to the new Abby girl much and she seemed quiet but kinda cool I guess.

"Hey guys guess what!" Liam shouted running towards us then tackling us to the ground.

"Owww what?" I laughed.

"Ok so one direction is gonna get a song published soon!"

"Ahhhhhh!" Parker and I screamed

"Congrats!" I yelled.

"What's it called?"

"What makes you beautiful"

"Awwww" me and Parker smiled.

"Ya, there gonna put it on the radio and everything!"

"Cool! I'm so happy for you!" Parker yelled.

"Ya the boys and I are gonna get some dinner, I would invite you but the reservation is for five." He sounded sad.

"Nah it's fine! You five are the ones having your song published you should celebrate together!" I stated.

Parker joined in"ya go have fun with the guys!"

"Ok but if you guys wait here we could all go get frozen yogurt together." He said.

"Ya" I said

"I'm in!" Parker laughed.

"Ok, see you guys in a second!" He ran off. I looked around, we were in an alley with no one around, it was creepy. Liam's truck was parked facing away from the restaurant and I sat on the back.

"Parker turn on the radio!" I hollered.

It was turned up so loud I couldn't hear my own thoughts let alone what Parker was saying. I knew every single song... Die young Ke$ha, tonight I'm lovin you Enrique Iglesias, trouble maker Olly Murs, but this one I didn't know, it sounded cool so far.

"OH MY GOD!!! THAT'S LIAM SINGING!!!!!" I yelled as soon as someone started singing.

"HOLY SHIT HE WASN'T KIDDING!!!" Parker chimed in.

We started dancing to their song!

We listened closely it went: baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed... After the first chorus another guy started singing.

"Wow, he sounds hot!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"You can have him! I got dibs on the Irish one though!" Parker yelled back hurting my ears.

"Wait! Hold up!... Ya ok!" I respond to her statement.

I jump around and see five guys all standing there...one of them is Liam. I fall down in the truck and Parker gets out of the back.

"Ahhh fuck!" I shout hitting my head as I can feel one of the boys shake the truck from jumping in. He holds out his tan hand and peels me of the truck then helps me out. We all stand there awkwardly staring at each other. Then Zayn breaks the silence "So am I as hot as I sound?" He joked.

My eyes got big and I slowly turned around then sprinted away from him.

Then Niall joins in on the fun and says to Parker "so I hear you called dibs."

Parker turns around, yells "wait for me!" then runs after me.

Zayn stared at Liam then "that means yes" Liam said and Zayn nodded.

"Some odd girls you got there Liam" Niall said.

"Ya she definitely likes you" Liam responded.

Niall and Zayn looked at each other for a second "after them" they said in unison then nodded as they ran after us.

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