Being the sister of niall horan

Hey guys my name is Priscilla Horan yes I know the sister of Niall Horan well let's just say i have a crush on one of his mates


10. truthor dare 2

As I was done kissing harry I felt all eyes on me I saw nialls face it was different then the others well now my turn I said I spinned the bottle it went on zayn. Priscilla:truth or dare then the doorbell rang I will get it I said it was perrie Taylor Ariana Katie and that's all their my friends. Hey wanna play truth or dare with is sure they said we sat done Priscilla:like I said truth or dare zayn. Zayn:truth. Priscilla:I'm ok which one of us would u date He blushed. Zayn:perrie. Perrie blushed. Zayn spinned the bottle and it landed

On Ariana. Zayn:truth or dare Ariana:well dare. Zayn:I dare you to sing for 6 seconds. Ariana: um ok. Baby baby baby baby i. Ariana spinned the bottle

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