Being the sister of niall horan

Hey guys my name is Priscilla Horan yes I know the sister of Niall Horan well let's just say i have a crush on one of his mates


5. truth or dare

Hey Priscilla wanna play truth or dare with us they asked sure why not I said I sat next to Niall and Harry Harry kept staring at me and I kept blushing because he was showing off his dimples wanna know something people say I have better dimples than Harry lol so did Niall and the lads oh well the bottle was spinning and it landed on me and Harry was going to ask me truth or dare. Harry:truth or dare Priscilla. Priscilla:um dare harry:i dare you to kiss me for 10 seconds I knew Niall had a big smile until Harry said that you can tell he was mad I kissed Harry for 10 seconds

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