Being the sister of niall horan

Hey guys my name is Priscilla Horan yes I know the sister of Niall Horan well let's just say i have a crush on one of his mates


12. telling Niall

Priscilla:are we going to tell Niall first. Harry:sure lets just tell them now if u like. Priscilla:that'd be nice. Harry:ok let's go. As we went downstairs the lads were watching tv. Priscilla:can we tell you something Harry:yes a very important message. Priscilla:we would like to tell you that me and Harry are together u said then we made a small kiss and smiled liam,zayn and Louis hugged us someone was missing than I saw a sad Niall he had tears not happy ones of course Nialls pov. I can't belive them how long have they been dating I'm so mad and sad I went to get my coat and went to my car and went to drive away and go to Jumba juice as I got there I got my sun glasses and a beanie and opened the door then went to order an a large aloha pineapple and then they called my name people were shocked and then I said thank you and went to my car and drove to Emily's house she is one of my best girl. Friends I knew her since I was 5 me and her even if I'm a boy and she's a girl she gets me Priscilla's pov. I was scared I can't belive my brother I feel sorry for him I didn't know I broke his heart I went to nialls room and locked the door I went to his bed it smelled liked him I cried on his pillow I think I could cry him a river I went to unlock the door and went to Harry's room and locked his door I got my makeup pallet and went to his mirror and fixed my makeup then I fixed my hair into a bun and unlocked the door and got my car keys and my luggage and said my goodbyes but I told Harry I needed to talk to him. Priscilla:I think we should see other people and I don't want to kill my brother. Harry:no plz don't say that Priscilla. Priscilla:I'm sorry bye

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