Folie A Duex

I know. This would sound so weird coming from me. But I really like her. But she's with.. him. But I really love the way her hair fits into a bun perfectly, the way she walks. She's so beautiful. And the way her lips are pure and full. Her eyes were a beautiful light golden brown. She's the most perfect supernatural that I've ever met.

Folie was Mckenzie's close friend. Yes I mean she 'was'. Folie has always had a little crush on Mckenzie but never thought it was a strong crush to really actually date her. Well that's until the boy comes into the story. Louis Tomlinson. Folie got jealous. Real jealous. Folie realized how jealous she got. (Yes Folie is a girl). Soon she met a friend of her own. Liam Payne. Folie doesn't realize how bad Liam is falling for her because she's head over heels in love with Mckenzie. How long will the act fed up before Folie tells Mckenzie how she feels? Or how long will it take for Liam to confess his love for her?
(I know this is really different)


4. Lies

I got for school the next day. I've been a little worked up over Mckenzie lately. She doesn't sit with me anymore, she sits with Louis's little sisters. She doesn't talk to me anymore maybe one time a day, i'd be lucky if it was for a whole period. But not even then. I am starting to have enough of her. In fact, I'm not even sure if I feel the same anymore. I sighed getting up out of bed. I slipped on clothes and brushed my hair. I clipped in a bow on the side and went downstairs. I grabbed an apple and took a bite of it. "Good morning."Niall smiled. "Good morning."I said. I didn't say anything else but walk outside to wait for the bus

I walked into school. Everyone's eyes seemed to be locked onto me. They were whispering things and I looked at them a little pissed. I caught up to Gerard as he was walking to his locker. "Oh my god Gerard! Why is everyone staring at me?!"I asked."I don't know Folie I just got in."He said. "Ugh."I groaned and ran off to find Pete talking to some girl. "Pete do you know what's going on?"I asked. He nodded. "Yea Mckenzie kicked your ass!"He said. "What! No she didn't!"I gasped. "Well that's what she told us."He said. Anger boiled in my blood. I saw her walking to her locker with Louis. I have a few words I need to say with her. I walked over to her. "Oh hey Folie."She smirked. "Don't 'hey Folie' me! You know what you started."I growled. "Yes I do. I just want attention."She smirked. "AND TELLING PEOPLE YOU KICKED MY ASS IS ATTENTION?!!"Everyone was staring at me now. "You want attention! I'll give you some fucking attention."I spat and grabbed her by her collar. I pulled her out to the courtyard, everyone following us outside. "Folie let me go!"She squealed. "Mckenzie come on! Kick her ass again!"A boy shouted. "Well what are you waiting for Mckenzie! Show them you can kick ass! Come on! Hit me right here."I said pointing to my cheek. She looked around and then back at me. She raised her arm and looked at her hand then at my cheek. "I-I can't."She said. Everyone looked shocked. "Exactly. Keep talking shit. Then it'll be me kicking your ass understand!"I shouted. Everyone made an "oo" effect in the background and Mckenzie got up. "Get out of my face."I scoffed and she walked away back into the school. Everyone walked back in except for me and another boy. It was just Liam. He walked over to me. "You want to leave?"He asked. I sighed and nodded and he grabbed my waist walking me as far away from the school as possible. "Where are we going?"I asked. "Just to this place I discovered."Liam smiled and walked me into the woods. We walked up this hill and there was this tree. "This is my new hide out. I come here often just to relax."Liam smiled. "It's nice."I smiled and I set my book bag onto the ground. "Ugh, I don't get how Mckenzie can go from being so nice to being so, so bitchy."I sighed. "It's from hanging around Louis and Harry."Liam said. "I guess it's to late to fix anything now."I said. "I don't even ever want to go back to anymore. It sucks."I said. "I know I hate it too. Maybe that's what we should do. Just skip it."Liam said looking out at the morning horizon. "No we can't. I have to finish school. I just wish I wasn't in this grade. I hate everyone."I said. "Well back in my old school, if you were smart enough, you were allowed to be bumped up a grade."Liam smiled. "I mean that's how i'm in senior year. I'm actually the same age as you."Liam said. "I wish I could do that. I just made it into honor classes."I said. "Oh. I still think leaving school is a good idea."Liam said. "Where would we go?"I asked. "Well we could run away to London."Liam smiled. "Pfft, and do what?"I asked. "Join the music business. I actually have an audition for the X-factor in two months."Liam said. I looked over at him. "You can sing?!"I asked getting all excited. "Yea."He smiled. "Sing for me!"I begged. "Ugh alright."He smiled. He cleared his throat and sang 'Mirrors' by Justin Timberlake. His voice sounded like angels. He was obviously beautiful at singing. "Oh my god Liam! You're amazing!"I cheered. "Thanks."His cheeks filled with red. "So Folie, Can you sing?"He asked. "No but I play guitar."I smiled. "Oh what type?"He asked. "It's an electric."I said. "Oh so you play in a rock band?"He asked. I nodded. "Well an alternative band."I corrected him. "Oh."He said. We spent the rest of the day there. Just.....talking. It was nice.


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