Folie A Duex

I know. This would sound so weird coming from me. But I really like her. But she's with.. him. But I really love the way her hair fits into a bun perfectly, the way she walks. She's so beautiful. And the way her lips are pure and full. Her eyes were a beautiful light golden brown. She's the most perfect supernatural that I've ever met.

Folie was Mckenzie's close friend. Yes I mean she 'was'. Folie has always had a little crush on Mckenzie but never thought it was a strong crush to really actually date her. Well that's until the boy comes into the story. Louis Tomlinson. Folie got jealous. Real jealous. Folie realized how jealous she got. (Yes Folie is a girl). Soon she met a friend of her own. Liam Payne. Folie doesn't realize how bad Liam is falling for her because she's head over heels in love with Mckenzie. How long will the act fed up before Folie tells Mckenzie how she feels? Or how long will it take for Liam to confess his love for her?
(I know this is really different)


3. Leave

I couldn't let Harry hurt my brother. I got back up walked over and tapped Harry on his shoulder. I have had enough of his ways. I thought Liam taught him. I guess he still doesn't know. Harry turned around and I smacked his face hard with my fist. "Leave my brother alone you fucking dickhead!"I yelled. Harry got up and towered over me with his height. "Tell your friend to leave."He growled. I nodded and looked at Mckenzie. "I'm sorry."I mouthed. She nodded and walked away. Harry grabbed my wrists and backed me up against the house. "So you want to play dirty?"He asked. "Let me go you inconsiderate bastard!"I yelled trying to kick him away. "Leave my sister alone Harry."Niall said. Harry smiled and turned around. "And what will you do if I don't?"He asked. Niall gulped and put his head down. "Exactly what I thought."Harry said. "I'll, I'll call Liam."Niall said. Harry laughed. "See that just proves how weak you are to even fight your own fight."Harry scoffed. This was my chance. As Harry let go of me and walked over to Niall, I pulled out my phone and texted Liam telling him to get his ass over her and help. He texted me back 'OK'. I couldn't stand here though and just watch Niall get hurt. I needed to distract Harry. "Harry why are you even here?"I asked. Harry turned to me. "Because Niall and his big mouth, told the teacher that I had Gerard doing my homework for me, that's why."He growled and turned back around. "That doesn't mean you have to beat him up."I said. "Uh, yes it does."He smirked. Ugh, where is Liam?!? "Leave my friend and her brother alone!"Mckenzie yelled. "Why didn't you leave?!!"I asked her. "Because, I don't leave my friends when they need help."She said. I smiled. She walked over to Harry. "You want this poor innocent boy? Go through me first."She said. OK so maybe she does know when to pick a fight. I do get interested in those type of girls. But now isn't the time for me and my crushes. Now's the time I help Niall. I watched as Louis went over to Mckenzie and pulled her out of the way and she gladly accepted. But why? Just then Liam appeared and pulled Harry down. "I thought you learned the first time to leave them alone?!?!!!"He shouted. Harry looked scared. "Alright I'm sorry! I got mad at Niall! Please! Don't hurt me!"He begged covering his face. Liam rolled his eyes and got off him. "Are you alright?"He asked Niall helping him up. "Yea I'm alright man, thanks."He smiled. Liam smiled back. "Ugh come on boys. Let's go."Harry ordered. Louis tagged along and Mckenzie followed him. I'll have to figure that out later. But Zayn stayed. Just standing there. "Zayn! Come on!"Harry yelled. He shook his head. "I'm done following you around Harry. You treat me like your puppet and all you think I want is to be like you. Well I don't. And a lot of people hate me for it."Zayn sighed. My eyes widened and I was shocked. Zayn has had enough of Harry. Good. Harry was shocked as the rest of us. "You know what fine! I don't care anyways Zayn. You're just another Niall."He spat and him, Louis and Mckenzie got into his car and they left. Zayn looked over at Niall smiling at him. "Ugh, I've always been so embarrassed of Harry and his ways. Mind if I stay and hang with you?"He asked. Niall shook his head. "Nah, it's fine."He smiled. He and Liam smiled at each other and they all walked inside with me behind them. "Do you guys know why Louis and Mckenzie are being nice to each other?"I asked. "Haha, Louis likes her. Besides that girl's a softie. She agrees to everything."Zayn said. "Oh."was all I said. I like Mckenzie too. And I'm sure Louis would beat me to her anyway.

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