Folie A Duex

I know. This would sound so weird coming from me. But I really like her. But she's with.. him. But I really love the way her hair fits into a bun perfectly, the way she walks. She's so beautiful. And the way her lips are pure and full. Her eyes were a beautiful light golden brown. She's the most perfect supernatural that I've ever met.

Folie was Mckenzie's close friend. Yes I mean she 'was'. Folie has always had a little crush on Mckenzie but never thought it was a strong crush to really actually date her. Well that's until the boy comes into the story. Louis Tomlinson. Folie got jealous. Real jealous. Folie realized how jealous she got. (Yes Folie is a girl). Soon she met a friend of her own. Liam Payne. Folie doesn't realize how bad Liam is falling for her because she's head over heels in love with Mckenzie. How long will the act fed up before Folie tells Mckenzie how she feels? Or how long will it take for Liam to confess his love for her?
(I know this is really different)


6. Dance,Dance

(This is Folie's Guitar)

I zippered up my black dress and put on my gloves. (There the finger-less ones). I zipped up my combat boots and looked in the mirror one last time. Good. I grabbed my guitar case and made my way downstairs. Niall was wearing a Blue button up shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and white nikes. He looked good. "Ready to go?"Niall asked. I smiled and nodded and we walked out to the car where mom was waiting for us. We got in to her tiny car and she drove us off to school. I couldn't wait to perform. Mom pulled up at the school and Niall and I got out. "Do you guys need me to pick you up?"Mom asked. "No Andy offered to drive me home."I said. "Alright what about you Niall?"She asked. "Nah I'm going to sleep over at Zayn's."Niall smiled. "OK bye guys."Mom said then drove away. "Alright. Folie I can't wait for you to bust out your guitar skills."Niall smirked. "Me either."I said. "Do you know if Mckenzie's going?"I asked. "No she's not going. I only know because Louis is taking her somewhere tonight."Niall said. "Oh."I was kind of upset. I just only wanted to rub my mad guitar skills in her face. Maybe she'd think twice of losing me as a friend. We walked inside. People were already there talking and laughing. The band was setting up and I ran quickly over to the stage. "Hey Folie."Fran smiled. "Hey."I smiled back. I plugged my guitar into my amp and quickly played a little bit as a warm up. The gym got pretty filled and there was a lot of noise. The teacher came up to the stage. "Alright! Hello guys! Thank you for coming to the dance! We have here performing tonight, Spontaneous Generation! So let's give them an applause!"She smiled than walked off. I smirked and walked up to the microphone. I could see Liam,Niall,Zayn and Nicola all standing by the fruit punch watching. Liam kept his eyes on me smiling. "Alright, We're going to start off with a little Fall Out Boy."I smirked. "This song is called Dance, Dance."Andy said. Pete started off with the drums then Alex started with his bass. Andy started to sing the first verse and Fran came in with her guitar. I came in with my guitar in the verse and I sang the verse; "I'm two quarters in a heart down, and I don't wanna forget how your voice sounds, these words are all I have so I write them so you need them just to get by." Then Andy and I started to sing the chorus; "Dance,dance we're falling apart to half time, dance,dance and these are the lives you love to lead, dance, this is way they love, if they knew, how misery loved me." After we finished singing that song people were going insane. "This next song we're going to do is also by Fall Out Boy, this is Thanks for The Memories." We began that song and we performed for at least an hour before the DJ came in. I was putting my guitar in it's case when Liam approached me. "I thought you said you couldn't sing?"He asked smirking. "Well I sing a little bit."I smiled. He laughed. "You guys did an amazing job by the way."He said. "Thanks, we try."I said. "Soooo, uh Folie, you want to uhm ya know dance?"Liam asked. I smiled. "Of course."I said and he took my hand leading me to the dance floor. We danced along to 'Timber' by pitbull and kesha. I had a lot of fun dancing along to the music with Liam. Slow music had started to play 'Au Revior' by One Republic. "Oh uh I'm not good at slow dancing."I said. "It's alright. I'll show you."Liam smiled. "Here put your hands on my shoulders."He said. I nodded and did as he said. He put his hands on my waist and we slow danced. My feet just followed his. I rested my head on his chest and he laid his head on mine. "Ya know Folie, I'm still up for that offer on running off to London."Liam said. "And joining the music business is going to help anything? I thought you needed a high school degree in order to do that?"I asked. "Oh, well we could go and work at a bakery or something."Liam said. "I'm not good at baking. I burn water."I said."Why don't we just stop going to school? We could go hang at our hiding spot, go shopping. Do normal things."Liam started. "I can't. I have my band. I kind of have to finish high school. And my parents are collage freaks. They're already applying us for collages in London."I said. "Oh. Listen Folie, there's something I've been needing to do."Liam said. I looked up at him. "What?"I asked. "Folie! Folie! Andy! He's gotten into another fight!"Pete said running over to me. I let go of Liam. "What! Why!"I asked. "It's Ryder. He's talking shit about all of us."Pete said taking deep breaths. I sighed. "Liam I'll be right back."I said. I ran with Pete out the back door to the field where Andy and Ryder were shouting. "And that fucking singer of yours! Folie or whatever her name is! She's a horrible singer! She can't sing for shit!"He yelled. "Excuse me!"I yelled. "Oh look who just showed up!"He smirked. I walked over to him and punched him right in the jaw. "You little bitch."He growled and pushed me down. "Folie! Are you alright?"Andy asked helping me up. "Yea."I said. "Hey you leave them alone!"I looked over seeing Liam. "What are you doing?"I asked. Niall and Zayn came running out after Liam. "Oh god."I whispered. I couldn't watch this. I covered my face with my hands and moved my fingers so I could see. "Andy come on. Just let it go."Fran said to him. "No."He said. He looked at Liam and Liam looked at him. "Do you mind getting suspended?"He asked. "No I don't mind."He said. "Cool."He smirked. Liam took off his leather jacket and let it fall to the floor. "Don't talk about anyone like they're a piece of shit."Andy said. Him and Liam teamed up and beat the shit out of Ryder. "Alright! Alright! I get it!"He screamed and Liam and Andy got off of him. He got up and walked away. "You're cool bro."Andy said and gave Liam a high five. Liam picked up his jacket and slipped it back on over his white shirt. "Folie you want to go continue dancing?"Liam asked. "No I'm all danced out."I said removing my hands from my face. Liam smiled. "Do you want to leave?"He asked. I shook my head. "I just need to get a drink and calm down."I said. "Alright."Liam said and he took my hand in his. We all walked back inside and everyone hit the dance floor except for Liam and I. I was pouring punch into my cup. "Listen Folie I need to do something."Liam said. I looked up at him. "What?"I asked. He pressed his lips against mine. What?

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