Folie A Duex

I know. This would sound so weird coming from me. But I really like her. But she's with.. him. But I really love the way her hair fits into a bun perfectly, the way she walks. She's so beautiful. And the way her lips are pure and full. Her eyes were a beautiful light golden brown. She's the most perfect supernatural that I've ever met.

Folie was Mckenzie's close friend. Yes I mean she 'was'. Folie has always had a little crush on Mckenzie but never thought it was a strong crush to really actually date her. Well that's until the boy comes into the story. Louis Tomlinson. Folie got jealous. Real jealous. Folie realized how jealous she got. (Yes Folie is a girl). Soon she met a friend of her own. Liam Payne. Folie doesn't realize how bad Liam is falling for her because she's head over heels in love with Mckenzie. How long will the act fed up before Folie tells Mckenzie how she feels? Or how long will it take for Liam to confess his love for her?
(I know this is really different)


1. 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Day 1: February, 21,2014

Today was alright. Gerard smashed his lunch all over my clothes on accident. But other than that today was alright. Is it wrong being bisexual? I mean I love boys but girls just tend to through me off sometimes. I met the new girl today. Her name's Mckenzie. She definitely is something special but it's a minor crush. Nothing big. Anyway back to what I was talking about. Everyone thinks being Bi was a total let down and they never understood any of it. Like the jock Harry. He hates non straight people and he bullies real bad. His friend, my older brother Niall are real good lads but Niall is even to scared of Harry to protect me or any of my friends. Well I guess I'm done writing for today. 



I set down my journal and sighed looking out the window. I made a new years resolution to find someone to love. But no one's come across me yet. Well there's that new girl Mckenzie. But she's not my type. I like people that put up a fight. She's definitely not that person. But she seems real sweet and she's definitely cute. "Folie! Dinner's done!"Niall called from downstairs. I sighed and hopped off my bed and opened my door letting the smell of my mother's German cooking fill my nose. I love that smell. I made my way downstairs and saw my plate at the dinner table. I sat down and filled my fork shoving food into my mouth. "How does it taste?"Mom asked. I gave her a thumbs up and continued eating. "Oh Folie, Did you meet the new kid today at school?"Mom asked. "Mckenzie?"I asked swallowing my food. "No, Liam."She said. "Oh, no."I said. Liam? I didn't meet Liam. "That's because he's in my grade. He's a good lad."Niall said. "Oh is he? That's cool."I wasn't really interested. I'm sure he'll fit right in with the jocks if he became friends with Nialler. "Well anyway, your father made friends with his father. They work in business together. So we're going over for a nice dessert later on tonight. So please guys, wear nice clothes."Mom said. I nodded. "What kind of nice clothes?"Niall asked taking another bite of his food. "Nice casual clothes. No football jerseys and no band merch."Mom looked right at me when she said 'band merch'. That's because I happen to be obsessed with various bands. "Alright got it."I said finishing my food. I got up and put my plate in the sink then went up to my room to get ready. I took off my clothes and opened my closet door to look for something nice to pull off. I ended up with a red and black lace long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings topped off with black combat boots. I slipped those on and pulled my hair up into a pony tail with a red bow. I put on mascara and that's that. I don't wear much make-up anymore. I kept getting eye pain. I walked downstairs greeting Niall at the door. I slipped on my coat and mom came down fixing her last earring as she grabbed her coat and we headed into the car. "Nice polo Niall."I smiled. "Thanks. Nice shoes."He said. "Thanks."I said looking down at my boots. I looked up and saw Niall beat me to the passenger seat. "Dammit!"I whined and squeezed down in the back seat. Mom's car wasn't all big. It was kind of tiny. But she likes it. We drove off down the long driveway we had. My family was wealthy because of my dad's job. He was a business man. Also mom works at the hospital office. So that really boosts up our wealth. Niall hopes for this big football scholarship and me? I play the guitar in a rock band that supports the school. So I hope for a music scholarship.  Anyway, I watched as we drove past some trees and the sun had started to set. So the sky went pink. It was quite a beautiful setting. We pulled onto some road and soon entered a red bricked driveway. The car came to a halt and we all got out. This house was nice. Dad's car was parked by the garage and we followed mom inside. I looked at Niall and he mouthed. 'Our house is better' I chuckled and looked at how the grass was mowed perfectly.There were red roses planted along front of the house and it looked very nice and lovely. Mom rang the doorbell. A girl with blonde hair answered. "You must be the Horans. Hi I'm Ruth."She smiled. "Hi, Hello, Good Evening."We greeted her and she let us in. I looked around at the pretty tan couches and chairs. There was a flat screen mounted on the wall with football on. I continued walking and found where everyone was. Dad was talking and laughing to the older men which who I assume was his business associates. There were a few teens around and one of them walked over to us. "Hey Niall."His voice was quite deep. Rather sexy more of. His hair was in a quiff and it was a pretty caramel brown. His eyes were a deep brown and his lips were full. He had facial hair that was like-wow. "Hey Liam!"Niall called back giving him one of those manly hugs. "Who's this lovely lady?"Liam asked looking at me. I blinked a few times. "Folie, Folie Horan."I smiled shaking his hand. "She's my sister."Niall said. Liam smiled at me. "Liam Payne."He said. I smiled back. "How come I didn't meet you today?"He asked. "She's a soft-more."Niall said. "Ah OK. So Nicola's in your grade."He said pointing over to a blonde girl serving cocktails. "I guess so."I said. "Hey Liam! Niall!"I turned around watching as Harry came over with his 'possy' of Louis and Zayn. More like the three pussies. Assholes. Harry looked at me smirking. "Ah look at you Folie! You look even more Bi than ever."He said. "Shut up."I said. "He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to."Zayn said. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't putting up with any of this. "Yea that's right walk away little faggot."Harry said as I walked away. "Hey don't talk to her like that!"I was shocked to hear those words. I turned around seeing it was Liam who had defended me. "And what are you going to do about it?"Harry asked. Liam sighed. "Go outside. Then I'll show you what i'll do about it."Liam spat. Harry looked surprised to see someone standing up to him. "Alright. Let's go Payne."He smirked and set his drink down. Him and his friends walked outside. "Liam you can't possibly be doing this!"Niall and I said at the same time. "Oh and why not?"He asked. "Because Harry's captain of the wrestling and football team! He'll kick your ass!"Niall said. "Yea well back at my old school, I was captain of the boxing, wrestling and Basketball team. He's a piece of cake to handle."Liam smirked and walked outside. Niall and I followed him out there to see Harry already shirtless only in his pants. Liam undressed into his pants and stood in front of Harry. This wasn't going to go well.

A/N: Hey guys :D I decided to write a new movella! Please tell me what you think! Because it's quite different from what you would normally read!!!!






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