The day that changed everything

Alissa is just a normal 17 year old girl until she gets invited to a One Direction concert, and makes a wrong turn to her seat. At least she ended up in the wrong place at the right time.


1. wake up!

Monday...ugg time to start another week of stupid class. Why can't I just stay in my bed? What ever I will just get up I guess. Hey my name is Alissa I'm 17 and I am a senior at the LA university. Also I am a MAJOR directioner!!!! Anyway enough about me.. I'm going to get ready to go to the crappiest place on Earth. I get out of the shower to see that I have a new txt,

Me Hello?

Kelly You better love me for the rest of your life!!

Me ....Why?


Me CALL ME NOW!!!!!!!!

*phone rings*

Me hello?

Kelly *screams*

Me are you messing with me or are you being serious?

Kelly No I'm dead serious!! We are going to see one direction in two months!!!!!!

Me *screams* I can't believe it!!!!!!

Kelly I know! Get ready and I will come pick you up for class...I might bring Starbucks then we will talk about One Direction!!

Me Ok! I just can't believe I'm going to see one direction!!!

Kelly I know! See you in a few

Me Ok bye


Wow...I'm so glad I actually got up this morning!! So I finished getting ready and Kelly is almost here to pick me up. I say goodbye to my mom and dad and I wait outside.

So what do you think??? This is the first one I have ever written so sorry if it's bad...but yea should I keep writing? Btw authors notes will always be underlined

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