All That Matters

17 year old Nicole-Garcia Colace is going to a new school. Her foster brother and sister Daniel and Brianna, are both popular. Nicole falls for a her brother's friend named Justin Bieber. Little does Nicole know; Justin doesn't feel the same and only is trying to win a bet. Will Nicole find out? Will she stay with Justin?


120. Show time over!

“Since it is your last time seeing them, I’ll give them the luxury of seeing you tonight” Justin smiled.
“I’ll see you out there” I smiled.
Justin gave me a kiss. I gave him a bigger one back. The kiss deepened. He put his hands on my waist and pulled us close together. Too close.
“Ouch” I said pulling away from Justin.
“What’s wrong?” Justin asked confused.
I pointed to my belly button.
“Oh right….I forgot. Sorry!” Justin said.
“It’s fine. I’ll see you ok? Break a leg. Not literally” I smiled and gave him one last kiss before going into the crowd. 
I had security guards surrounding me. For what? I’m not famous. Then I thought……..Justin! Duh! There was a lot of screaming. I looked on stage and there they were. Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall.  They started performing. Zayn’s eyes met mine and a huge smile came across his face. I smiled back.
Justin’s POV
The guys were out performing. I was watching them on the side. I noticed that Zayn started smiling out of nowhere. I looked at where his gaze was and I immediately got angry when I saw that it was Nicole who he was staring at. Don’t get mad Justin. Don’t get mad. Good thing we’re leaving tonight. I noticed the guys doing something that they never did before. They called for a girl to come up on stage. I glared. Not to my surprise they brought Nicole up. Show time over!


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