All That Matters

17 year old Nicole-Garcia Colace is going to a new school. Her foster brother and sister Daniel and Brianna, are both popular. Nicole falls for a her brother's friend named Justin Bieber. Little does Nicole know; Justin doesn't feel the same and only is trying to win a bet. Will Nicole find out? Will she stay with Justin?


127. I love you to!

Justin out the condom on and he came back over to me. He got on top of me and slowly slid his Jerry inside of me causing me to arch my back. You know what happened after that……………                                   


Justin and I got in the shower after; we went and laid on the bed. Justin just wouldn’t go to sleep. I know he was sleepy though.

“Justin?” I said softly.

“Hmm” Justin mumbled quietly.

“Why aren’t you going to sleep? I know you’re sleepy. You haven’t been to sleep in like two days.” I said.

“I need to watch you, before I go to sleep.” Justin said.

“Justin go to sleep. I’ll be fine. I’ll still be here in the morning.” I assured him.

“I don’t know” Justin said shaking his head.

“Go now” I demanded.

“Ok” Justin agreed.

I cut off the light before laying my head on Justin’s chest.

“I love you…..Justin” whispered while kissing my head.

“I love you two” I replied.

He fell asleep and I fell asleep shortly after.


Justin’s POV

I woke up the next morning. When I looked Nicole wasn’t there. I started panicking.

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