All That Matters

17 year old Nicole-Garcia Colace is going to a new school. Her foster brother and sister Daniel and Brianna, are both popular. Nicole falls for a her brother's friend named Justin Bieber. Little does Nicole know; Justin doesn't feel the same and only is trying to win a bet. Will Nicole find out? Will she stay with Justin?


204. I don't think that's possible

“Nicole, you can’t leave me” Justin cried.

“When it’s clear that you don't feel the same way for me... the problem is that as much as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you.  Even though you'd hurt my feelings, I'd still forgive you. Even if you don't love me, I'd still reach my hand to you. Even if you're gone, I'd still wait for you. Even if you break my heart, I'd still say, I love you.”

I left out of Justin’s room with my bag. I took Justin’s car keys. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I have his car. I put my stuff inside the car. I went back in the house and took the baby. Everyone was staring at me. I ignored them and got in the car and left. I had to leave. I need to go somewhere. Not Canada this time! I just thought about how Justin proposed to me and to me he stabbed me in the heart, by telling me he loved someone else.


It’s been sixteen years since I left Justin’s parents’ house. Yes sixteen years. I haven’t let Justin see Justin Jr not once or Allison. Allison is my daughter. I had her a year after Justin Jr was born. Yes she was Justin’s. I must’ve got pregnant the night that Justin asked me to marry him. Did I mention that I lie in Bradford, England with Zayn? I guess Justin was right; he was there when I needed him the most. So Zayn and I have like a friendship, not really a relationship. Zayn was gone most of the time anyway. Justin still tried calling me and stuff, but I ignored him. I still ignore him.

“Mom, when am I going to get to meet my dad?” Allison asked.

“Sweetie, I don’t think that’s even possible” I said furrowing my eyebrows.

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