Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


22. The trip to end all trips

Ryder didnt bother me again. Jordan and I hung around a lot. I was even at his house a couple of times. We passed Ryder at school and Jordan pushed him aside. "No Jordan stop. I dont want you and Ryder to hate eachother again because of me okay? Promise me you'll make an effort." I made him promise and he agreed. I still hadnt made up with Ladashia besides my best efforts, something always came up. It was so stupid that I fell out with her but I still didnt know why she and Jordan had been so close. That is, until the big trip. It was a geography trip so any student who took geography went to the beach to look at water and erosion and all that. A couple of girls were sunbathing on the sand and most of the boys had ripped off their shirts and dived into the sea. Only a few were really listening to fascinating facts about erosion. I was lying down sunbathing when i felt a shadow over me. "Excuse me but you're blocking my sun." I said as I opened my eyes. It was Jordan standing above me and he was shirtless. God he had a fine set of abs! "Lets go for a swim!" He dragged me up and I squealed. "Jordan ahaha!" My hair was soaking wet as me and Jordan messed around in the water. "Jordan I cant even swim!" I told him as more water went in my face. "Who said anything about swimming?" He asked as he pulled me closer to him. "erm.. You?" I stuttered. Suddenly feeling nervous all over again. He lifted me up and my legs wrapped around him as we kissed. I saw Ryder watching us from afar. He got out of the water and walked away. Mr Stubble had eventually given up and decided to get in the water too. Me and Jordan left and decided to climb up onto a cliff. K saw something that I had not expected to ever see. It was Ryder. He and Andrea were kissing. "Andrea!" I yelled. She turned around and appeared shocked to see me. "I can explain." She began to say but interrupted with, "Yeah please explain to me why your switching saliva with Ryder!" Andrea didnt seem to have a good answer. "You know what he did to me how could you?" I had tears in my eyes. I saw Ladashia and the rest of the girls come up too. "Im so sorry." Was all Andrea could manage to say. "You did fancy Jordan didnt you?" I asked her. "I bet all those things you told me about Ladashia and Jordan werent even true where they?" I continued. "What things?" Jordan asked. "She told me that you and Ladashia were dating." I explained. Ladashia suddenly protestes, "Thats not true Demi you know I would never do that to you! Is that why we stopped speaking?" She asked. I nodded. "I'm so sorry, I've been wanting to apologize for weeks but nothing was gonna make it up to you." I told her. She hugged me. "Oh Demi you know im your girl. I would've forgiven you. And I do." Ladashia told me. I smiled. "The reason I was at Jordans house was because I'm gonna be moving there soon." Ladashia explained to me. "Our parents are getting married and Andrea knew that!" Once again everybody was back to Andrea. "I'm sorry Ladashia. And you too Demi." Andrea apologized once more. "No Drea. You know what he did." I started to get teary again. "Listen Demi I'm really sorry." Ryder apologized, stepping towards me. Jordan pushed him back. "Dont come near her!" He said threateningly. Ryder pushed him back and they started having a fight. It was dangerously close to the cliff edge too. And thats when it happened. Jordan pushed Ryder too hard and he stumbled. And fell. "No!" I screamed as he disappeared. Jordan dived after him. "Omg!" I yelled. "Someone call a teacher!" I said as I rushed towards the edge. I leaned over and saw Jordan hanging onto the edge with Ryder clinging onto his leg for dear life. "Jordan let me pull you up!" I called down to him. "Its no use baby. I need a rope." He told me. I looked around but there was nothing. "Help!" Ryder screamed from the bottom. "I cant hold on." Jordan told me as his fingers started loosening. "You have to! Help is on the way." I td him as i began to cry. The cliff had rocks at the bottom of it. He would never make it alive. "Ryder!" Jordan called down to him. "Try and climb up!" "No jordan he'll weigh you down." I shook my head telling him no. Ryder started climbing up. I could see the strain in Jordans face. Ryder was close to the cliff edge now. It was actually working. I dont know what happened next but I remember the screams. I remember the sound of my heart breaking as Jordan disappeared along with Ryder. 

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