Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


11. Me and Jordan

"Didnt I warn you Demi? Hes too old for you!" Jordan exclaimed. I just rolled my eyes. It was Drama and we were working together. "Oh shut up Jordan I know you don't care about me." I snapped at him. I was actually dying on the inside. It killed me to be mean to him but he hurt me and I needed to be strong. "Thats not true. You know its not." He whispered into my ear softly. I instantly became weak at the knees. His words turned me into jelly. They melted my heart like an ice-cream. Me and Jordan finished performing our small piece on fishermen when Miss Grinchley asked us to go into the supply cupboard for props. Everyone else was watching the rest of the mini plays. "Demi listen to me now you've no place to run." He closed the door and stood in front of it. Denying me entry. "Jordan you dont care so stop asking me."I said with annoyance in my voice. "I do care Demi, honest-" He started to say but I stopped him. "No you don't!" I snapped at him. "If you truly cared you wouldn't have kissed me, knowing fully well how I felt about you; kissed me and then just ignored me." I told him angrily. "Are you still mad about that?" He asked. What a stupid question to ask. Of course I was mad. And heart broken. Mostly heartbroken. Jordan switched off the light in the cupboard and then walked towards me. We were extremely close again. It took all the strength I had to push him away from me. Mental strength I mean. "Go away." I said even though we both knew I didnt mean it. Jordan came back and held a tighter grip on me. He leaned forward and just lightly brushed his lips against mine. We were like that for ages and he just kept biting my lip. Toying with me. "I hate you Jordan." I whispered. Hardly able to get th words out cuz i was shaking so much. "I know you do." He whispered back. And then we kissed. I could feel the intense heat of his body and the feel of him against me made me insane. I wanted to stay like that forever. He pushed me against a wall and leant over me. Still kissing. I could feel his tongue demanding entrance inside my mouth so I let it. It was all perfect. Everything was perfect until Miss Grinchley turned on the lights.

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