Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


14. Lemonade

The rest of the week off was pure agony. Mum didnt even look at me once. Steve did whatever mum did. So I was pretty much all alone. No TV. No phone. No friends. No life. "Mom how many times do I gotta apologise?" I asked her, finally fed up of being ignored. She didnt answer. I started tearing up. "Mom we live together. In the same house. You cant just stop talking to me." I said, trying my best not to cry. We were cleaning up dishes. "I think you'll find that I every right to ignore you." She finally said, passing me a plate to put away. "But you've done that anyways mom. Whenever I had a problem or something going on I always had to sort it out with Dad because you always found to tuen it around and make me the villain. You've never ever cared about me. And now you left Dad I have no one." I started crying. "You never wanted to know the cause of me breaking that window or Pauls nose. You didnt care." I was shaking now. Mom came up to give me a hug but I dodged. "I'm staying at Brendas for the rest of this week." I sniffed as I put the last of the plates doen and walked away. She didnt even try to argue. Typical. School the next week was hard. But seeing Paul with a plaster holding his nose up made it all worth it. Prisctyne of course was far from happy with the fact that I had punched her boyfriend. She wouldn't talk to me. At all. "Prisctyne I'm sorry but I was only defending myself." I said, trying to reason with her, but to no avail. She simply huffed and sat down, turning away from me. "Prisctyne stop being such a twat!" I yelled at her. She suddenly turned around with flare in her nostrils and her eyes burning me with her glare. "Dont you dare." She spat the words at me. I could see a fire in her that I'd never seen before. "I'm not the one who manipulated a sweet innocent guy into dating me just to cheat on him with the person I was trying to make jealous. I am not the one who completely destroyed a friendship i've had for years without reason. I'm not the one who punches other peoples boyfriends and I am NOT the one who lacks self control here." And with that she left. Walked down the hall and disappeared. I was completely taken aback. I didnt even notice that a crowd had gathered around us. "Come on lets go." Wakisha came out of nowhere and pretty much rescued me. It was me Wakisha, Prisctyne and Andrea sat down outside Petes Burger hut. Geez this Pete guy owns everything. Theres Petes Carwash, Petes Pizza, Petes Fish Mansion, Petes Barn, Petes Sandal house and even a Petes Law firm. But anyways, thats beside the point. We were sat outside Petes Burger hut drinking lemonade. "I have called you all here today because we have issues that need working out." Wakisha stated, looking at me as she put emphasise on the word 'issues'. "Tell me where not gonna sit here and discuss me please." I said as I took a sip of the lemonade. It was extremely sour. I think Pete shoulda stuck to his plain old coffee. "Oh we've already discussed you. We're just here to tell you what we came up with." Prisctyne said. She didnt look at me so she was obviously still mad. I stood up. "Hold up you're telling me that you were all talking about me behind my back?!" I asked, feeling pretty much betrayed. "Oh sit down Demi its not gonna be behind your back cuz were gonna tell you what we said."Wakisha told me. It didny really help. "No. I dont wanna hear what you said. You would've just told me instead of having some secret meeting behind my back. I'm surprised Ladashia aint here." My voice sounded bare weird and panicky. I really dont know why. "Oh she was there. Shes just not here now." Prisctyne replied. I knew how much Ladashia hated me so I couldnt even imagine what kind of BS they'd said about me. "Thats it. I'm gone." I'd had enough. Suddenly, Prisctyne stood up and grabbed my arm. "Sit down Demi! This is what were talking about. You've been a total bitch lately." I hated that so much. She still had a good grip on my arm. That didnt really go down well with me. Lets just say.. She'll be cleaning lemonade out of her shirt.
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