Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


2. Ladashia

Monday. I actually could not be arsed to get up that morning. So I didnt. Personally I would have stayed in bed all day if I could. But no. Mom had to come knockin down my door telling me I was extremely late for school. As if I didn't know. I'm not one of those skivers that never show up and like to act up in class. I just think that once in a while every child has that day that they just cant be bothered with life. "Demytryus Pablo Sinus get yourself out of bed now!!" Mom screeched. I bet if I was awake I would've seen that vain pop out of her head. I didnt get up straight away. I just kinda lay in bed answering several messages my friends had sent me. They all wondered where I was. I checked the time. It was way into second lesson. "Hurry up now and you might just get there before end of break." Mom shouted before muttering under her breath, "Gosh you do one night shift and...." I walked straight through reception, completely dismissing the ladies behind the desk beckoning me over to sign in. There was no way in hell I was getting another late mark. I hardly ever skive. But I'm hardly ever on time either. I'd think they probably recognised my face by now. Third period was just starting so all the corridors were empty. Except for a few skivers and smokers desperately trying to get rid of their fag breath. I will never understand why people choose to smoke at school. They actually have no consideration for others. I was so lost in thought about smokers that I didnt even notice one of my closest friends pop up behind me. "Boo!" I jumped a little bit before smacking her round the head. "Careful man! This style takes time." Ladashia said, carefully propping a grip back in it's place. "I'm pretty sure that weave came like that so.." She smacked me on the arm and said "Laugh all you like but this weave cost more than you're worth. Haha." Ladashia was always late. Like me but I'm usually just late to school or form. Shes late to everything. I mean everything. Shes even late to lunch sometimes! Like how is that even possible when we have the same class. "Lada how the hell are you late when geography is right next to R.E?" I asked her, walking even slower than before. She smacked me in the arm again. "Don't call me Lada again." She warned with a raised hand ready to smack me again. She hates the nickname a bunch of stupid boys in my class gave her. Shes tall so they make fun of her and call her Lada. I dont know why shes offended by it really. Those stupid prats are midgits. Its not hard to be taller than them. "Anyways i'm early in nigga time." She replied and we both laughed. We must be the biggest bunch of rascists the world has ever seen. To eachother anyways. "Well you have to go by wigga time." I told her. Big mistake because she started again with the same thing she'd been moanin about for days. "You cannot get a white black person!!" She started to rant at me and i just shook my head as she started clapping her hands. I have to say she is as ratchet as ratchet gets. She has the whole blonde weave, fake nails and bright pink lipstick down. And she just talks ratchet acts ractchet is ratchet. Shes black. If you havent guessed by now. But she has these really light brown eyes that just look amazing but she chooses to wear contact lenses. I dont even know why. Shes really pretty but just cakes herself in make up sometimes. All my friends are black and im the only white chick so I get bullied by so many people because of it. Like seriously I'm not tryna act black I just act like me. Idiots like those people really annoy me 

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