Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


7. Issues

I wondered the hall aimlessly. Trying to sniffle back tears. Eventually I decided that the girls toilets was the place I wanted to be. I walked into a cubicle and grabbed some tissue. I looked in the mirror as I dabbed my eyes. "You alright there?" It was Ladashia. I saw her stood with her arms folded, leaning against a wall. "Go away." I sobbed. She stepped towards me and gave me a hug. I pushed her away. "You're no friend of mine." I sniffed. "But I havent even done anything to diserve this. We were alright on Monday and then on Tuesday you hated me. Next thing you pour coffee on me. I'm not asking to be your friend but I think you at least owe me a decent explanation." She said, crossing her arms again. I sniffed once again. "If you were any kind of friend you'd know." I pushed her aside and began to walk away when she grabbed my arm. "You don't get to push me around Demi!" She yelled at me. The grip she had on my arm was way too strong. "Let go of me you dirty lil rat!" I screamed at her. "You're the two faced bitch who was telling me she hates people who do exactly what you are doing right now!" She exclaimed. Then the hand clapping began. It really annoyed me. She started getting closer and clapping her hands in my face. Did I mention I have an extremely bad temper? Keep that in mind. I walked out and put an out of order sign on the door that led to the girls toilets before walking back to class. "Well thank you for returning back to us Ms Sinus!" Mr Stubbles voice boomed. "Sorry sir." I mumbled as I made my way to my seat. "And were has Ms Jayne disappeared to?" He asked. "She erm.. Left sir. Stormed right out." I lied. I knew I was gonna be in so much trouble for this. After class Jordan pulled me aside into a dark corner. We were so close to eachother I could feel his breath on my neck. He didnt say anything for a while. I couldnt see his face but i could hear his breathing and also feel it on my neck. He suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. I didnt even know what to feel at that point. I was just in utter shock. My brain was temporarily down. It was silent for at least five minutes. I was about to speak when I suddenly felt his lips against mine. I was too frozen to kiss him back. My heart was going a thousand miles per hour. Just as I was about to kiss him back, he turned and walked away. I was totally confused.com 

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