Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


8. Hate

Jordan didnt so much as glance at me after that. I felt really pained. It was Drama when Ladashia suddenly burst in. She was coming right for me. "You!" She yelled, pointing a finger at me. "You dirty lil whore!" Everyone fought to hold her back. "She locked me in the toilets! I've been stuck in there all day!" Ladashia suddenly broke out in tears. She started shaking and went to the ground. Jordan was the first to comfort her. He hugged her. I dont know why I felt so jealous because he had kissed me not her. Then again I didnt know what they did outside of school. Jordan looked at me and he looked... I dont know.. Disappointed I guess?. Even I felt a little bad for what I did. "Your behaviour this past week has just been disgusting Demi. I've had complaints from all of your teachers but this...! Locking a girl in the toilets! You're friend too-" Mom started her rant. "She is not my friend!" I argued. "What she did to me is unthinkable and just plain inconsiderate!" I yelled. "And what was that exactly?!" Mom yelled back; arms folded and lips pursed. "Well she kind of.. Stole the boy I liked." I mumbled. Mom thrust her hands in the air in defeat. "Demi you do not own this boy!" Mom exclaimed. She sounded like she was tired of that conversation. "Yes I did." I muttered under my breath. "Oh Demi quit acting like a Four year old. Unless you were dating this boy which I know you werent because you would have told me." She finished. "Now i'm tired of looking at you. Get out of here." Most people in my year seemed to hate me. Even Wakisha and Priscyne seemed to avoid me too. Andrea was the only one not treating me any differently. "I cant deal with this any more." I sighed. "Deal with what?" she asked as we walked home together yet again. In reply, I simply shook my head. I had been talking about my kiss with Jordan, which I hadn't shared with anyone. We contined to walk in silence. Jordan hated me. I wasnt quite sure why he cared so much for Ladashia. He kissed me. But he now hated me. "Jordan!" I saw him coming round the corner. He completely blanked me out. Ladashia now extremely hated me. I wouldn't blame her though. What I wanted most in the world was for Jordan to be mine. So I tried everything I could possibly think of.

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