Oh by the way... I'm Demi

I really hate life. My parents are both seriously annoying and i actually love my step dads ex wife Brenda more than his current one. That she beast I am ashamed to call my mother. Oh and by the way.. I'm Demi.


9. Boyfriend

Jordan and Ryder are best mates. They were walking past me when I suddenly grabbed Ryder and pulled him into the same dark corner Jordan and I had been in. I put a finger to his lip and watched as Jordan looked around in confusion before walking off. Ryder bit my finger in what I thought was supposed to be a seductive way. It frickin hurt tho i can tell you that much. "Ow!" I half whispered, half screamed. He looked embarrased. "Oh sorry." "Its okay." I reassured him. "What am I doing here anyways?" He whispered. I stepped forward and put my arms around him. "This." I said. He smiled... Goodness me now that was a makeout session to remember. It was nothing like I felt with Jordan. Jordan for one.. Did not have travelling fingers, wandering hands or loose eyeballs. He respected me. Well at least I thought he did before he kinda forgot all about me. Ryder was practically groping me the entire time. It was pure torture just standing near him because he could not keep his hands to himself. Ryder was older than me. By like 4 years. I was fourteen and he was 18. He was in his last year of six form and was gonna leave pretty soon. Before I knew it, Ryder and I were officially 'an item'. And sooner rather than later, i found myself standing outside the cinema with Ryder, Jordan and some other girl whom I didnt recognise. "I dont know what you're playing at-" Jordan whispered hurridly as soon as Ryder went off to buy tickets. "-but i think you should stop before anyone gets hurt." I started laughing. "Oh Jordan its so sweet that you care but I think you should worry about your own date." I replied. He looked annoyed. "Shes not my date I just didnt wanna be a third wheel." He snapped. "Dont get angry with me Jordan cuz no one forced you to come. In fact I would've much rather preferred if you'd left us alone." I whisper-shouted right back at him. Now he looked seriously annoyed. Still sexy though. "He is much older than you Demi you are not gonna be alone with him!" Jordan continued. Ryder walked back and I flashed a fake smile. He put his arm around me and as we walked I turned back to Jordan and whispered, "Hes older than both of us so dont you dare start with me!" In the movie I was fortunately sat next to Jordan. The movie began but he insisted on carrying on the conversation. "Demi stop acting like a child. I know you used to fancy me so you're not going out with Ryder because of love." He snapped at me. I had had enough. "Okay so you drag me into a corner and kiss me and then leave with no explanation and you never ever spoke to me again after that!" I whispered angrily. I could feel my tears forming. "It's just weird for you dating my best friend and the whole thing with Ladashia-" He started but I put up my hand to stop him. "Okay imma have to stop you right there because I don't give a fucking shit about Ladashia and I certainly dont give one about you!" I shouted at him. I stood up and then stormed out. It was too much for me to handle. Ryder, bless his heart, came after me. I kinda felt bad for just using him. 

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