Just those awkward moments

This story is about Gaby, Bri Reagan Mira Dodge and that popular crew we don't like. After all can't have a highschool without a popular group of people who think they are just too fab for everyone else. Also I will try to change POV but not too much.

Main author: Gibbygoose7890


14. Comfort

     Briannas P.O.V

    I was just sitting on my recliner watching a movie when my phone buzzed several times. I looked at the screen as I turned it on and realized it was Gaby calling.

     "Hey what's up?"

     "Hey can you come over? It's urgent."

     "What is it?"

     "Can you just come?"

     "Yeah be there in 5."

     "Thanks bye."


     I wondered what was going on. I hoped nothing too serious. I grabbed my moms truck keys and headed out the door locking it behind me. I hopped in the truck and started the ignition. I played some "Journey" music as I pulled out of the driveway and on to the open road. Soon enough I was there, we didn't live too far away.

     When I got to Gaby's place the door swung open before I could knock or anything.

     "How did you know I was here?"

     "No time for stupid questions Bri cut the junk." She said seriously.

     She pulled me inside and into her room. What I saw was not pretty. It was a miserable Bagel. It looked like she had been crying. But I knew her better than not to cry. I wondered what the heck happened to her.

     "Oh my lord Bagel what happened?" I asked.

     "When I came back from the bathroom Thomas was locking lips with Rachel."

     "What do you mean? Are you sure it was Thomas I mean he really likes you Reagan." I consulted.

     "Of course I'm sure it was him. He was in the same spot as I left. Except exchanging gum with another girl."

     "Well are you guys dating or what?"

     "No but I still thought he was into me."

     I sat next to Reagan and Gaby on her cheetah print bedding.

     "Are you OK Reagan?" Gaby asked sympathetically.

     "Oh yeah of course I am. He didn't mean much to me anyways." We all knew that absolutely false. We knew she had a huge crush on him. But I just wouldn't think he would do that to her.

     Reagan's phone buzzed and she looked at it. It was a notification for 3 voicemails from Thomas.

     "Why don't you check the voicemail Reagan?" I told her.

     "He isn't worth it."

     Her phone lit up again. It was a text this time.


Look Reagan we need to talk it wasn't what it looked like. I would never hurt you.

     "Reagan maybe you sho-" Gaby started.

     "No Gaby. I'm not talking to him." And that's when it went quiet.



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