Just those awkward moments

This story is about Gaby, Bri Reagan Mira Dodge and that popular crew we don't like. After all can't have a highschool without a popular group of people who think they are just too fab for everyone else. Also I will try to change POV but not too much.

Main author: Gibbygoose7890


10. A night out

     Reagan's POV

    Thomas honked his truck and waved at me as he pulled in. I waved back and laughed. He came to a stop and got out of the car. 

     "You look great.." Thomas complimented.

     "So do you, so where are we going?" I asked him.

     "Starbucks and then I have a surprise for you." 

     "Ooh a surprise what is it?"

     "Well if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise anymore." He teased me. I could tell this was going to be a fun night already.

     "Shall we?" He said charmingly. "We shall." I went along with it. He was trying to make me laugh so it wouldn't be awkward.

     He pointed the trunk and said "Get in,"

     "What?" I said confused.

     "No I'm just playing." He said as he opened the passenger door for me.

     I laughed and sat down. I took my iPhone out of my backpack and put it in my pocket and put my backpack down on the floor. He climbed into the drivers seat. 

     "The surprise isn't anything dangerous is it?" 

    "No of course not." He assured me smiling. "Not that dangerous." He grinned at me joking.


   We drove off to Starbucks.


     "Wait so your grandma was trying to roller-blade and she kept falling over?" 

     "Yeah so we were rollerblading and she said Thomas hold on to me and then I said 'No grandma your not going to pull me down' " Thomas was telling me a story and I was cracking up. I was having a lot of fun with him tonight. We finished our meal and then I asked "So what is the surprise." "We are going to play Laser Tag," He told me. "Oh my god! I love Laser Tag!" I cheered. "Let's go!" We left Starbucks and got in the car and headed for Saturns.


   We walked in and Thomas payed for the Laser Tag and they gave us our vests and guns and we went inside. We played Laser Tag for a while and we were pretty darn good. Our eyes had adjusted to the low light already. We were in a good spot so we could hide and play defense. 


    I wasn't looking where I was going and Thomas tripped over me. I fell on the ground and we ended up under and over eachother.

    "Oh uh I'm...sorry," I stuttered laughing.

    "No, it's fine your good." He laughed.

    We kinda just sat there looking at one another in the eyes when I guess our faces got closer. Our lips almost touched when we heard a speaker announce, "YOUR SESSION IS OVER YELLOW GROUP, YOUR SESSION IS OVER." That was us. We got up and left the Laser Tag area.

   We joked all the way to the car about the Laser Tag and about those kids crying like wimps. He opened the car door for me and I stepped in and sat down. We were driving down the road when he turned on the radio. My favorite song by Matchbox Twenty "How Far We've Come" came on the radio.

     "I love this song!" I squealed. It played all the way until he dropped me off at my house and then he walked me to the door.

                                              (WARNING SOMEWHAT SOPPY)

    "Thanks for a great night," I told him. 

    "I had a lot of fun." He laughed.

   "See you at school tomorrow?" I asked.

  "If I don't get sick" He teased.

   I smiled and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. I waved and walked inside shutting the door behind me.

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