Averi's Idea Box

This Is just a collection of the random ideas I get!


2. Mirrored Image

~~Title: Mirrored Image

Genre: Fan Fiction


The Female One Direction.

Yeah, that about sums it up. The five girls that slightly resemble the five British/Irish heartthrobs who just so happen to sing. How ironic right?

Just you wait, it gets even weirder.

The five girls: Raven, Darcy, Jayde, Isabelle and Everly, receive a letter at the house they share asking them to meet someone by the name of Simon at a very nice hotel in their town of Manchester, Tennessee. So after much debate, they agree.

As it turns out, Simon just so happens to own a record label and has seen the girls sing on their YouTube channel, where they post covers of them singing as a group. Simon, however, wants to make the girls into a band, and seeing as they resemble the boys of One Direction, they go on tour with them as the opening act, which gains them a fan base as the 'Female One Direction'.

But will the girls accept his offer, or will they feel like they are only becoming known because they look like the girl version of One Direction, or does Simon generally like their music and singing?


Hey guys! This is another new one! I'm writing this one with @Ellie-bear Goldshine!

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