Averi's Idea Box

This Is just a collection of the random ideas I get!


3. Guardian

~~Title: Guardian

Genre: Fan Fiction/Paranormal

General Idea:

Management hires five girls into the One Direction work force.

For what exactly?

Well, paranormal creatures such as vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, fairies and just about anything you can think of, have been attacking the boys and trying to change them onto one of them.


Because, if these creatures successful change the boys, they would become very powerful and generally very hard to kill.

So the five girls are hired and assigned one of the five boys each.

Why are they hired you ask?

These girls are trained to take down anything paranormal. It's second nature to them and they are the perfect fit to protect the boys. They are girls so they can be seen with the boys at all times without the world thinking anything of it. The girls are also able to hide their power easier than if they were boys because people generally tend to under estimate them, which gives them the advantage.

The girls are going to have to be with the boys at all times so that if they are attacked, they can be protected.


Hey guys! Another story idea! What do you think? Write it or no?

•Once again, DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS. They are mine and I came up with them.


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