Adopted. (1D and LM)

I suck at these so just read.



3. Three



I really want Kylee to meet Zayn. I decided on calling him after I put on my pajamas that match Kylee's.

"Hey Zayn."

"Hey! What are you up to?"

"Nothing really. I got Kylee and I really want you to meet her." I said.

"Okay. How about in half an hour and I'll come to your place?"

"Sure. Love you"

"I love you too. bye." he said and hung up. I walked downstairs and grabbed Kylee's iPhone since I wanted her to get a twitter and Instagram.

"Catch!" I yelled and threw the phone. It landed in her lap.

"Oh my gosh, Perrie! You scared me half to death." she yelled back. She wasn't even shy to be herself.

"Whoops." I shrugged, "So I was thinking about you maybe getting a Twitter and Instagram. I know that there will be hate but don't let it get to you." I finished.

"Okay. I've gotten hate all my life. There was only one kid at the orphanage who hated me and no one else, but I usually ignore it. What should my username be?"

When she said this it made me wonder what had happene before the orphanage. I'll ask later maybe.

"Aw, I'm sorry. I don't know, what do you want it to be? @kylee_edwards?" I asked.

She nodded. I set everything up. I followed her on our Little Mix account on Twitter and Instagram. She followed back obviously.

"Zayn is coming over in a minute." I had forgotten to tell her earlier.

"Zayn? Who's that?"

"He's my fiancée. He's in the boy and One Direction. Have you heard of them?"

"No, I've never heard of them. There was never really any music in the orphanage." she stated plainly. "What is he like?" she asked.

"Wait and find out." I smiled. She came over and sat beside me and I hugged her. *Ding-dong* Zayns here. "It's open!" I yelled. He opened the door and Kylee jumped up and yelled, "Daddy!" This teen is crazy.

"Daughter!" Zayn yelled back. They will definitely get along well. "What? He gets a 'daddy' and I get 'Perrie'. That is messed up!" I played along.

"Sorry, mommy." she giggled.

"Better." I smiled. "Hey Zaynie." I walked over to him and kissed his lips for a few seconds until Kylee coughed aggravated. My cheeks went red.

"Babe, she has the eyes of a child!" Zayn said like it was my fault.

"Oh shut it you." I said.

"C'mon Zayn. I've seen worse. Believe me." Kylee said. Zayn and I glanced at each other confused but decided to ignore it for now. "I'm tired. I'm going to go to sleep. I love you Kylee Louise Edwards!" I said.

"I love you too, Pez. I love you Zaynie." she smiled.

"See, at least Kylee loves me." Zayn said pretending to be sad. I laughed and pecked his cheek.

"Night." Kylee said and walked upstairs leaving me and Zayn.

"I really want to ask her what happened." I said.

"I think you should." he smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow. Love you."

"love you too. I'll let you know what happens." I said. Zayn walked out the door and I slowly walked up the stairs and knocked on Kylee's door.

"Come in!" she said from the other side. I walked in and saw her writing something with a pencil.

"What are you writing?"

"Nothing!" she said and shoved the paper in her bag.

"mhm, suuure." I said. She smiled and looked at the ground before looking back up to face me.

"I have a question.."

"What is it? I'll tell you anything." she answered.

"What exactly happened before you were put in adoption?"

She sighed. I saw a single year roll down her cheek. She told me everything. How her father beat her mother. How her mother committed suicide. How she hated her weight and anything else about herself. How she cut her legs and arms everyday because her dad was always mad, breaking things, calling her names, kicking her, embarrassing her. She even showed me the scars. There were too many to count. I hugged her and let her cry on my shoulder. I was crying too. Who could do that to this girl? That wasn't even the worst part. Her dad raped her. He took her to one of his 'drunken buddies' and the drunk raped her too. Her dad was sober when he did it. Seriously? It's ridiculous. How do people not have a heart for their own child?

"Shh, baby it's okay!" I soothed her. She stopped crying and wiped her cheeks with her sleeves.

"So is all this why you said you had seen worse?" I asked. She nodded. "You're okay now. I promise." I smiled, "goodnight. I love you so much." I turned to walk out.

"Wait.." Kylee said weakly. I feel so bad for her.


"Will you stay? All night?"

I nodded and laid down in the bed. I had to hug her sideways all night because she was terrified to sleep unless I hugged her.

*Next Morning*


I woke up with Perrie shaking me. I groaned and rolled over to my stomach. I was awake, but who doesn't lay in bed until you absolutely have to get up? I know I do.

"Thanks for staying with me." I said.

"You're welcome. I'll be downstairs putting waffles in the microwave because I can't cook." Perrie said while smiling. I laughed and rolled onto the floor. "That didn't work as well as I planned."

I got up and went to the bathroom. I did everything I needed in the bathroom. Now I need to change... what to wear.

"PERRIE LOUISE EDWARDS! GET IN HERE NOW!" I yelled loudly. She ran up panting like she ran 30 miles. "What? What's wrong?!" she asked worriedly.

"Nothing. I just need help picking an outfit." I shrugged.

"Seriously. You scared me!"

"Sorry not sorry." I grabbed her arm and pulled her into my closet to pick out a shirt and some shorts. She threw them on my bed and walked out to let me change. It was a pair of white shorts and a light green baggy sweater. I picked out some black vans. I grabbed my iPhone and put it in my back pocket and ran downstairs. "I'm done. Wait, why did I have to get ready?"

"I don't know. I figured we could go do something with Zayn because he is going to come over today." Perrie replied.

"oh okay." I smiled. I wonder what we're doing.

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