Adopted. (1D and LM)

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11. Chapter Eleven



We are currently in the car on our way to the amusement park.

"Why do people make it look so easy to do a messy bun? Like how the hell do you do it?" I said frustrated. I was watching tutorials of how do one.

"Perrie, you let her curse?" Leigh asked.

"Yeah. It doesn't bother me. She's almost 15. In three days!"

"Is it bad that I've forgotten my own birthday?" I laughed.

"Oh okay. I thought you'd flip. And oh my gosh, yay! We get to throw a party!" Leigh said, jumping in her seat. I laughed again. I personally loved parties.

"We're here." Jesy stated plainly, but you could tell she was excited inside.

"I didn't know there was water rides here." I said and looked at Perrie.

"Don't worry. I knew you wouldn't know about that so I brought us all bathing suits." she smiled.

"Well then. Alrighty. Should we change?"

"Sure. Come on, girls!" We walked into the locker room for girls and all got changed. Good thing they had stalls you could change in too. I could actually wear my bathing suit because my cuts were just white scars now. Still visible, but not as obvious. When we finished we walked out and thought of where to go first.

"I'll take Koral and Kylee and you threw go do your thing. We'll meet here at 3." Perrie said. They nodded and we walked off.

"Now, Kylee, don't pick up any boys." she smirked. I gave her a glare and said, "What if I want to?" I knew I was pushing my luck, but it was fun.

"They hurt you."

"Zayn doesn't hurt you."

"I took my time. If you want to 'pick up' a boy, go ahead, but I'm warning you." I hugged her.

"My legs hurt. Can I get on your back?" She nodded and I jumped on her back.

"We've not gone that far yet. I might be carrying you all day!" she laughed.

"I know. But you love me. Whatever forever."

"That's something I'd say." I smiled and we continued walking to the line for a water slide. It's one of those that you sit in a raft with two people.

"You go with Koral and I'll sit with a stranger." I offered.

"Okay. You sure?"


"Thanks, Kylee." Koral smiled. I nodded and smiled back. With just my luck, I got stuck with a boy about my age. And of course, this was the longest slide. Wonderful.

"Hey. What's your name?" he seemed friendly.

"Kylee, yours?"

"Parker." I always thought 'Parker' would fit a nerd. But it's good on him too. He had dark brown hair, a bit like a buzz cut, but longer. He had hazel eyes and super tan skin. And abs.

"You're so tan! I'm like a ghost. No fair." I said, pretending to be mad.

"You're cute when you do that." That made me blush. I looked down.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked.

"I don't think we've met. I'm Perrie Edwards' daughter. Maybe that's why."

"Yeah, that's it!"

"She's amazing."

"I bet so. What's your number? I'll memorise it." he smiled. I gave him my number and he actually did remember it. I was surprised. The ride was almost over. I hopped off the float and so did Parker.

"I'll text you!" he yelled. Perrie looked at me. I looked down.

"Well, well, well. Look who has a future boyfriend." she smiled.

"I thought you'd be upset?" I said, more like a question.

"He looks nice. I approve. But the real test is meeting him later."

"Let's go." I couldn't stop blushing.

"She's blushing!" Koral yelled. Everybody around us looked at me.

"Oh my gosh, Koral!" I laughed. Perrie, Koral, and I rode a few more rides and then went to meet the girls. When we saw them, I ran as quick as I could and his behind Leigh.

"Kylee's got a new lover." Perrie joked.

"Perrie!" I laughed again, "He knew who I was by the way."

"Oh, did he now?" Jesy teased.

"Shut up. Only because you guys are famous!" I exclaimed.

"Why, yes we are." Jade said. These girls know how to pester you with jokes.

"Can we go shopping now? My feet hurt."

"I carried you the whole time!" Perrie said. I giggled. Whoops.

"Okay let's go!" Jade said.

"Wait, Perrie, can you carry me?" I smiled at her. She groaned and I got on her back.

*Skip car ride*

We got to the mall and decided on eating. Just gross mall food, but whatever. After, Perrie, Jesy, and I went to all different shops. Leigh, Jade, and Koral were going to different stores than us so we planned on meeting each other later.

"I've always wanted high-wasted shorts with crop tops." I said. Silence... Silence... Silence.

"My baby's growing up." Jesy said, fake crying. I laughed a bit and nodded. We shopped for another few hours and I got the high-wasted shorts and crop tops. We got in the car with the other girls and went home. I fell asleep on the couch.

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