Adopted. (1D and LM)

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48. 45


We stepped off the plane and waited for Sara. Then we walked to the baggage claim and waited for all of our bags to come around. It was quite warm in Hawaii. I took off my sweatshirt and put it in my carry on bag. I fixed my hair into a loose ponytail while everyone waited. I made two thumbs up signs and we continued walking to the taxis. Zayn guided us to one and we slid in. Zayn in the passenger seat and Perrie and I in the back. Taxis creeped me out, but oh well. I pulled out my headphones and put one in. Soon after, Perrie grabbed the other one and put it in.

"I like your music taste." She winked. It was About the Boy, so of course she liked it. We listened to four more songs before pulling up to our hotel and paying the driver. The view was amazing. It was just water and sand.

"Where's Caitlin and your mum?" I asked while turning to face Perrie.


"PERRIE!" Two people yelled. I looked at them to see it was just who I asked about. Caitlin and Debbie, their mum. Perrie hugged them and then Zayn hugged them. I stood there awkwardly and waited.

"This is Kylee. Kylee, this is Caitlin and my mum." Perrie said, gesturing to each one. I gave a small wave. Her mum came over and hugged me. Then Caitlin hugged me. I smiled at them. Caitlin looked about my age so I hope we get along well.

"Guess we should head inside." Zayn offered, getting nods in return. He lead us. Perrie and I were in the way back, lagging behind.

"You'll warm up to them. They're lovely people."

"I hope so. Thanks, mum." She swung our hands and started skipping. I had to also skip so my arm wasn't yanked off. Caitlin, Debbie, and Zayn were waiting for us in some chairs. When they saw us, they got up and headed towards the elevator.

"I've never been in an elevator." I said bluntly. Everyone looked at me and I just shrugged. It started moving up and then stopped. We shuffled out and Zayn gave Perrie's mum a key for her room, Caitlin and I got a key to our room, and He would stay with Perrie, just the way it should be. Zayn was unlocking the hotel door and Perrie looked back at me. I winked which made her laugh.

"Okay room 546." I said. Caitlin and I started roaming down the hall and then turned.

"Oh, here it is!" I ran to where she was and unlocked the door. She pushed it open revealing a bed, TV, bathroom, a big closet, and some other small things like chairs. I threw my suitcase on the floor and took my bathroom things to the bathroom.

"I'm going to call someone." She nodded and laid on the bed. I was calling Parker.

P- Where are you?

K- I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you we were going to Hawaii. I'm okay I promise.

P- Babe, I was worried sick!

K- Aw, you were worried about me.

P- Of course I was! It's quite late here, about 3 AM so I'm going to sleep. I love you.

K- Love you, babe.

I hung up and Caitlin raised her head to look at me, "Who was that?"

"My boyfriend Parker. I kind of forgot to tell him I was on vacation." She laughed.

"I'm going to put a onesie on and then probably get food. Would you like to come with?"

"Yes! I'll put a onesie on so we match." She ran to her suitcase and pulled out a gray onesie. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I stripped to my bra and underwear and put on my gray onesie.

"I'm done!" I said and she came out and threw her clothes in a pile. I threw mine in a different pile. We grabbed some money and the key and ran to the elevator. I pushed the button that said "lobby" and waited for the elevator to stop and open the doors. When it did, we ran out and found a snack machine. I got chips, a small pack of cookies, and a lemonade. Caitlin got chips, crackers, and a tea. We went back upstairs and decided on going to Zayn and Perrie's room. I'm pretty sure their mum was in there too. I knocked on the door and waited about three seconds before it opened. Perrie engulfed me in a hug and then Caitlin. Lots of hugging in this family.

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