Adopted. (1D and LM)

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46. 43


Little Mix's' driver is taking us shopping. Leigh tagged along with us.

"I wonder what I'm going to get everyone for Christmas." I though out loud.

"What made you think of Christmas? That's like-" Leigh counted on her fingers, "almost 5 months away."

"I have to start thinking. I'm a horrible decision maker as the whole world knows by now."

"I know exactly what I'm getting you two, but I have no idea for Zayn and the other girls and the family's." Perrie sighed. The driver too a sharp left into a parking spot. I opened the door and stood up outside. I had changed into denim shorts instead of my spandex, and I left the same sweater and vans on.

"You're rocking that denim."

"I know, Leigh. That's why I wore it obviously." I was clearly joking around. She laughed and got out of the car second. Last was Perrie. Leigh held out her hand for me to take, which I did. We started walking towards the front entrance. There were only about two teenage girls who saw us. They yelled such sweet things like, "Head up, Kylee!" "You're all beautiful." "We love Little Mix!" I smiled and waved at them which caused lots of screaming from one of the girls. When we walked through the doors, it was a rush of cool air. It wasn't super hot outside, just warm, but the air felt refreshing. I loved the mall.

"I feel betrayed."

"Why?" I asked Perrie.

"You held Leigh's hand but not mine? What kind of a sick game is this?" I laughed and Leigh held in a laugh.

"Sorry not sorry."

"I wish that phrase didn't exist." I giggled. I held out my hand and Perrie grabbed it, smiling wide. We went in TopShop first since Perrie and I love it. Of course she ended up buying almost everything she could find. I got a cute little shirt with Minnie Mouse on it. I love Disney so I had to buy it. I thanked her and then we went into a shop Leigh liked. We split up and each found a few things we just "had to get".

"I want to meet Leigh, Jesy, Jade, and their boyfriends family's."

"Why are you so random today? And yeah, that'd be really nice." Leigh smiled and hugged me.

"I know, she's all over the place today. But yeah, that would be cool."

"I'm always random. And good, they all seem like lovely people even though I don't even know most of their names."

**next day**

Today is the day that we leave for vacation. Perrie, Zayn, and I are running through the airport so we don't miss our flight.

"I've never been on an airplane. Is it scary?" I asked Zayn, trying to sound confident. I was totally petrified. What if it broke in the sky? Would we just fall to our death? I shook the thoughts out of my head.

"No, not really. Your ears might pop when we go up and when we land, but it's not bad." I nodded. It was a big plane with three rows across. I got the windo seat and Perrie was next to me. Zayn had to get in the middle edge seat, so he was still close. I pulled the arm rest up since neither of us wanted to use it. My heart was beating out ofmy chest and I was shaking. The pilot (I guess it was the pilot) came on and announced, "Thank yu for flying with us today. We will be taking off at the end of this announcement..." She listed safety instructions and rules and then we were speeding down the runway. We buckled and I hugged Perrie tightly.

"You'll be okay. Shh.. I can feel your heart, babe." I couldn't answer over my fear. I'm pretty sure I was screaming inside my head. I hugged her even tighter. I could feel the plane go up and up and up. My ears didn't pop much. When the announcer came back on and said we could get up to use the bathroom, I pulled my head up and unlocked my grip around Perrie.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm okay. Sorry about squeezing the life out of you." I giggled a little, "At least the way back won't be as scary."

"You'll get used to it after a couple times." I nodded and turned my head to face the window. All I could see was blue and white. It was really pretty.

"I forgot to tell you that me mum and sister were coming to Hawaii with us. They're already there." I squealed, "Aw, I can't wait!" I kissed her cheek and she smiled. This flight was supposed to be many hours, so I figure I'll need a nap. I brought the arm rest back down and propped my head on my hand. Perrie kissed my head which made me smile. My eyes opened and closed and finally stayed closed. Most peaceful sleep I've ever had.

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