Adopted. (1D and LM)

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44. 41


It's currently 1:00 pm. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Parker, Jesy, Leigh, Jade, and Koral left this morning. I've been laying upstairs all morning. The only time I actually got out of bed was to say goodbye to everyone. I think it's time to really get up now. I scrambled out of bed and went to he bathroom to brush my teeth and hair and put deodorant on. Once I finished that, I pulled out a pair of spandex and a baggy white sweater. I don't think we're going anywhere today so this will be good enough. I threw them on and skipped downstairs. Zayn was on the couch flicking through channels on the TV and Perrie was sitting on a bar stool texting away. I sat on the one next to her and watched her type. I don't think she knew I was behind her.

"Perrie, mum, mum, mum, Perrie, answer me." She jumped and looked at me, then laughed a little.

"Did we decide where we were going?"

"Zayn and I talked about it last night. He doesn't like water, but he doesn't mind going to a beach. We were thinking Hawaii." She smiled. Zayn had gone back upstairs.

"Hawaii? That's so far! And so expensive!"

"Well, you wanted to go to on vacation." She shot back at me. I giggled and nodded. She got up and held out her hand. I grabbed it and she pulled me off the stool.

"We've to pack! Come on!" She ran up the stairs and I bear crawled behind her. We opened her bedroom door. Zayn was packing. Well, he was mostly laying on the bed half asleep. Perrie went to lay beside him while I pulled out her suitcases. I'm assuming she needed about three because she's Perrie and she doesn't travel light.

"I'll start packing for you. Just tell me what you want." I said. Perrie started saying which shirts, shorts, jeans, sweaters, swimsuits, and anything else you could think of, for me to put in the suitcases. Next I went to her bathroom and she told me what to get out of her drawers. I ended up using some of Zayn's suitcase for more of Perrie's things.

"Okay, love doves, you need to finish. Zayn get up. Perrie come help me now since I helped you." I demanded; it was more of a joke.

"Yes, mum." Zayn said sarcastically. I giggled at his comment and pulled Perrie up off of the bed. "I just got so tired."

"Probably because you were laying in bed telling me what to pack you." I said, elbowing her side. She laughed and walked into my room. I pulled out my pink suitcase from my closet.

"Only one suitcase?" She looked shocked which made me laugh.

"Yeah, because unlike you, I travel light."

"Psh, I don't take a lot of stuff." I knew she was messing around so I just laughed and walked to my dresser to get some shorts and bathing suits. I pulled some out and threw them to Perrie so she could fold them back up and put them in my suitcase. We did shirts, sweaters, and shoes after. I went to my bathroom and looked under the sink for a smaller bag for bathroom things. I put mascara and some other makeup, my toothbrush, and the other bathroom things I needed. It didn't take me long to finish with Perrie's help. I can't wait to go on this vacation.

Perrie and I went back downstairs. Zayn was in the kitchen looking for anything to eat. I hugged him from the side and looked into the fridge. He closed it and looked at me, "You hungry too?" I nodded. Perrie laughed at us.

"Come on, let's go get something to eat. You two are just alike."

"I think Kylee is more like you." Zayn said, "I'm sorry that you're like her, Kylee."

"Hey!" Perrie yelled while I laughed at his comment. I grabbed both of their hands and pulled them together, so now they were holding hands. I walked in front of them towards the front door. We made our way to the car and I slid into the backseat. Zayn was driving and Perrie was in the passengers seat. I suggested we go to McDonalds. I'm guessing that's where we were headed, but I'm not sure. All I can think of right now is how hungry I am,

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