Adopted. (1D and LM)

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30. 30



Today is the first football (American football) game and Perrie is going to take Parker and I. She's also bringing along Jade, Jesy, and Leigh. I'm so excited!

**Skip To Game**

Perrie, Jade, Leigh, and Jesy are on the bleachers and Parker and the team are preparing for the game. 20 minutes later, the game had started and our cheer went like this:

'The blue and the white

We have just begun

First flight, let's hear it!

We're number one!

Excellence, perfection, team work, and success


A step above the rest


We did stunts and tumbles. We ended up beating the other team, and they were one of the best teams, so the coach was proud. Parker ran over and he was all sweaty, but I jumped and wrapped my legs around him and hugged him. I hopped back down, "You smell like grass." I scrunched up my nose.

"I love you too." He joked and we climbed the bleachers until we got to Perrie and the girls. I sat on Jesy's lap; I was in my cheer uniform and it wasn't very comfortable, but it could be worse.

"You did great, Parker." Perrie said, smiling, "so did you, Kylee."

"Thank you." Parker and I said at the same time which made us both laugh.

"Let's get home."

"Okay, mummy. Can Parker stay?"

"It's fine with me. Just ask your mum, Parker." He nodded and texted his mum who answered with 'Sure.'

"But, you need clothes." I told him.

"We can stop by if that's okay with you, Ms. Ed- I mean, Perrie."

"Of course."

"Actually, we can go to our house and I'll walk with him to get clothes. I feel like walking." I looked at Parker to make sure it was okay with him; he just nodded. Perrie shrugged, "Okay. Kylee, I need to talk to you when you get back from the walk." She said, getting out of the car. Parker and I got out and started walking to his house. We held hands and chased each other around until we got to his house. I followed him inside; his parents weren't there so I went up to his room. He took a shower and he changed into skinny jeans and a tight black shirt.

"I'm done and I already got clothes."

"Okay, let's go then!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door and then locked it behind him.

"I wonder what Perrie wanted to talk to you about."

"Me too. I hope it's not bad." I squeezed his hand a bit harder.

"Strong grip you've got there."

"Sorry, babe." I blushed.

*Skip Walk*

"We're home!"

"Yay! Kylee, come here." Perrie called me over. I hestitated, but walked over to where she was standing with Jade.


"Koral tried suicide a couple days ago. Jade found her unconscious. Will you go talk to her?" I started crying and hugged them until I agreed to talk to Koral. I went upstairs to one of the guest rooms where she was sitting on the bed.

"Hey, Moral." That's what I used to call her.

"Hey, Kyles." That's what she used to call me. I sat down beside her.

"Perrie told me about what happened. Why'd you do it?"

"I thought you hated me. I couldn't live with that." she sniffled. I hugged her.

"Never. I thought you were mad at me."

"No, I wasn't. I didn't feel well and I didn't want anyone around. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too. What was that post about on Twitter?"

"I had made some friends down our road and they left me after I told them everything." We were sat in the room for an hour or so when Perrie and Jade came in to check on us.

"It was all a misunderstanding. We're okay now." I smiled and pulled Koral up so we could rejoin everyone downstairs. I'm glad I got my best friend back.

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