Adopted. (1D and LM)

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28. 28



Right now Perrie is paying for the wrist bands that we have to wear. She said we could stay two hours which is long when you're jumping the whole entire time. They had super bright lights which were all different colours - blue, pink, white, green. Perrie put on our wristbands. I grabbed her arm and tugged her to the foam pit. It has a trampoline that you jump off of into the foam pit. There was nobody there, so we didn't have to wait in line. We did that for a while and afterwards went to the regular area of trampolines. They had them as wall type things too. It was so much fun.

*In The Car*

"Thank you for taking me; it was so fun."

"You're welcome." She turned up the radio. One Direction - Story of My Life was playing. She sang along softly. I was texting Parker.

P-Parker K-Kylee

P- what's up, beautiful? :)

K- heading to cheer, would you

like to come watch? I don't

think Perrie would mind.

P- Sure. Is it Rustys?

K- Yeah :) so I'll see you there?

P- Yes. I love you, babe.

K- I love you too.

"Who are you texting? You're blushing."

"Parker. He said he'd come watch me cheer today." I smiled to myself a bit.

"Of course you are. Are you hungry?"

"Very." Perrie pulled into McDonalds and got two burgers. I unwrapped mine and ate it. We pulled into the cheer parking lot and we were about ten minutes early.

"Perrie, help me put my hair up!" I whined. She laughed.

"Turn around." I turned around and she put my light brown hair in a high pony tail.

"I can't wait for today! Was Zayn mad about me doing cheer? I heard you two talking when I went to sleep. I had woken up and that's when I heard you."

"He said he didn't want you getting more hate because of it. I told him it made you happy, so he's not mad." She smiled at me.

"Come on, let's go inside." Parker walked up behind me and put his hands over my eyes.

"Guess who?" I heard his familiar voice say.

"Hmm, it isn't Parker. That's for sure." I turned around and hugged him. I tugged his hand and pulled him inside.

"You'll have to watch with Perrie." I pointed to the corner room.

"That's okay. At least I can still see you." He smiled.

"You're cheesy. I like it." I laughed before running over to the other girls and started stretching.


Parker and I went to sit in the little room. There's never any other parents in here.

"So, Parker, you know my little girl likes you a lot."

"I know. I like her quite a bit too."

"You'd never do anything to hurt her?" I asked.

"Never. I'll always protect her." I smiled, "You're a good kid." We turned to watch Kylee. She was stunting; they were throwing the girls from one basing group to another. I saw them drop Kylee and it looked like it hurt, but she got right back up and they redid the whole cheer.

"Is she okay?"

"I think so. She's got a ton of dedication. Mostly to you and cheer." I said, still watching.

"And you. She talks about you all the time. Kylee always says how sweet you are and funny. I'm really glad to see her happy. She deserves it."

"Yes, she does." I smiled to myself.

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