Adopted. (1D and LM)

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24. 24



I threw myself onto the floor and laid there. I was almost asleep when Perrie decided to roll over me like a barrel.

"Perrie!" She laughed and pulled me up. We sat on the couch.

"I want to do cheerleading."


"I want to do cheerleading."

"Oh, okay. I think there's a place right down the road. Not too far. Would you like to go check it out?" Perrie asked.

"Sure. I did tumbling and gymnastics and cheer before I was put up for adoption." She nodded. I had on my spandex shorts and a baggy sweater, good enough. My hair was already up in a pony tail. Perrie had on her gray onesie. I had actually been really advanced for a five year old. I could actually do a back handpring and back tuck. The rest I learned in my spare time at the adoption.

*Skip Car Ride*

Perrie and I walked through the doors of "Rusty's." That's what it was called. We walked up to the desk.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The lady asked.

"My daughter wants to do competitive cheer." Perrie answered.


"Kylee Edwards." I said. She scribbled it down on her clipboard.

"Follow me. She can get started today if you'd like. We have extra cheer shoes."

"That's fine with me. How long does it last and what days?" Perrie asked her.

"It goes for three hours and its Monday-Thursday. I'm Mrs. Ryan." We followed her into the gym and there was only about 25 other girls there, all of them doing cheer.

"There's a place over there that the parents can sit at and watch." Mrs. Ryan said, pointing to a corner.

"I'll go over there now and we can go when you're done." Perrie said. I nodded and hugged her, then walked to where all the girls were. They were sitting in a circle stretching

. Mrs. Ryan gave me some shoes and I put them on. There was a teacher, Mrs. Ryan said her name was Mrs. Alex, and she was in the circle helping. I went over to her, "I'm Kylee Edwards. I just joined." She looked at me.

"Okay, just find a spot in the circle and I'll introduce you." I walked to an empty spot and stretched like the other girls.

"Okay, girls, we have a new member. Her name is Kylee Edwards." Every body looked at me, all smiling.

"Everyone do three laps around the gym. Kylee, come here please." I walked over to Mrs. Alex.

"What can you do? As in tumbling and stunts."

"Just say a tumble and if I can do it, I'll show you and if I can't I'll just say I can't do it." I smiled.

"Okay, back handspring." I did a back handspring.

"Round-off double back handspring." I went and did that too.

"Round-off triple back handspring to a tuck." I did that too and Mrs. Alex looked quite impressed.

"Can you do a front tuck?" She asked.

"I haven't done one in ages, but I'll try." I ran and bounced into a front tuck. I didn't land it perfect, but I did it. I looked at Perrie; her jaw was dropped. I had to do other simple things like a toe touch, cartwheel, pike, walk overs, and then she made me do a layout.

"I like you, Kylee. Now, smile for me and look excited." That was awkward, but I managed. Next, I had to run the three laps and then we started with stunting. I was a flyer. I just remembered my eating disorder, so now I have to look healthy and eat better. I loved flying; I used to do it when I was small, but back then it was just picking the person up and putting them down.

"Kylee, I'd like you to demonstrate your triple back handspring to a tuck for the girls. I'll introduce them when we're about to leave."

"Uhm, okay." I don't want to be the teachers pet. Then everyone would hate me. I did the trick; cheer always felt like relief to me. It made me happy. All the girls clapped except one. She looked over excited. I wonder why. After the lesson had ended, I went to get water that Perrie always kept in her purse.

"Why didn't you tell me you could do that?"

"You never asked." I shrugged, "I like this place though."

"Go do that one thing again so I can take a video for Instagram!" I sighed and nodded. I walked to the spring floor and did the tumble into a tuck again and walked back up to Perrie.

"You make it look so easy!" She hugged me tightly. Mrs. Alex called me over and introduced every girl. They were in a line.

"First is Sophie, then Brittany, Maya, Sydney, Lyndsey...." And she named every girl, more than once, until I remember them all. I went over to Sydney; she was the one who looked overly happy when I did


That's me in the cover btw. I love all you beauts for reading <3 thank you so much(:


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