Adopted. (1D and LM)

I suck at these so just read.



15. 15



I woke up to the sun in my face. I laid there, staring at the ceiling. I heard my door creak open. I saw Perrie come in. She raised her eyebrows. Parker woke up and saw her too.

"Uh.. I can explain." I said.

"It's okay. As long as you didn't do anything."

"We didn't. Kylee got scared and she texted me, so I came over." Parker stated.

"Oh, okay. You could've gotten me, you know."

"I know, but I always wake you, so I decided to text Parker so you could sleep." Perrie nodded.

"Breakfast is ready downstairs. Come on, love birds." She smiled. I got up and walked downstairs in my underwear and baggy shirt. Perrie and Zayn already knew I did this, and I told Parker yesterday. Parker followed behind me as he put on his shirt.

"Can Parker stay for breakfast?"

"Sure. If his parents are okay with it."

"Thanks." I smiled.

"You're lucky to have her, Parker." Perrie said.

"I know. She's amazing." I looked down just as my cheeks turned a rosy colour. He hugged me and we sat down. Perrie gave us some waffles and bacon.

"This is really good, Mrs. Edwards."

"Aw. Thanks, Parker. And please, call me Perrie." He nodded. We finished eating.

"Do you mind if I meet your parents later today, Parker?" Perrie asked.

"Sure. That'd be fine." He smiled.

"You're so cute together!" Perrie squealed.

"Kylee, did she see the thing yesterday?"


"The kiss?" Perrie asked. I nodded.

"That was adorable." I laughed.

*Skip To Dinner*


We haven't done anything all day. Parker went home around lunch and his parents are meeting us at 6:00. I can't wait. I hope Perrie likes them. It's 5:30 right now.

"Can I help you get ready?" Perrie asked.

"Of course!" She smiled and ran to my closet. She pulled out a tight sweater which was half white and half blue. She also got my black high- waisted shorts and black vans. Simple, but cute. Perrie sat me in a chair and curled my hair and applied a light amount of mascara. She also out on some light pink lip stick.

"I love it! Thank you so much." I said, after looking in the mirror. I hugged her.

"Zayn, are you ready yet?" I asked. He was just down the hall, so he should hear me.

"No, almost. My hair isn't ready yet." Perrie and I laughed. We walked downstairs, shortly after, Zayn appeared. -ding dong- went the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" I opened the door. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. Hi, Parker." I smiled.

"This is Perrie Edwards, my mum, and Zayn Malik, my dad." I said.

"I'm Maria Campbell and this is my husband Donne Campbell." Parker's mom said. Perrie and Maria shook hands and then Perrie and Donnie shook hands. We sat down at the dinner table. It had eight seats- three on each side and two end seats. I sat in the middle with Perrie on my left and Parker on my right. Zayn was on the end seat by Perrie. Across of me was Mr. Campbell and across from Perrie was Mrs. Campbell. One seat was empty. I hope this goes good. We had mac n cheese, chicken, mashed potatoes, and other random foods.

"This is delicious." Mr. Campbell said. Perrie smiled.

"Parker said he came over here last night." Maria, his mom, said.

"Yes, he did. He told me that Kylee was tired but couldn't sleep." Perrie said. They started talking and Zayn and Donnie started talking.

"I think they're getting along well." I whispered to Parker.

"Me too." He smiled and held my hand under the table.

"Your parents weren't mad about you coming over last night?"

"No. They were a bit confused but I explained that you just couldn't sleep." I nodded. Everybody was staring at us.

"What?" I asked. I giggled.

"You two are so cute!" Maria exclaimed. About a half hour later, they left, except Parker. We watched a movie with Perrie and Zayn. I sat with Perrie and Parker was next to us. Zayn was on the reclining chair. We watched 'Love Actually'. I fell asleep. I was being carried when I woke up.

"You fell asleep. I offered to take you upstairs. Perrie said I could stay with you if you'd like. I nodded. He laid me down and then laid down beside me. I turned my back to him and he put his stomach on my back with his arm resting around me. I went right back to sleep. I didn't even get to say goodnight. This was a good day.

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